green peppercorn cbd

Green peppercorn cbd

DESSERT – We were tempted by the dessert menu but were all still so full from dinner that it was not possible. I have, on a previous occasion, had their fried ice-cream (which is the same concept as the holy basil fried ice-cream) and would highly recommend you order it to share with another person if you still have room in your stomach after dinner. I just remember the muesli and caramel sauce to be wayyyy to sweet.

Chilli Basil.. Oyster Sauce… Ginger … nah we went for cashew nut jam, which was an excellent decision. All the ingredients were well acquainted, with the right texture (i.e. veges were crunchy and lamb was tender). I still found the flavour too much for my liking, but I supposed you have to eat it with rice. I have no idea how one person would eat this with a bowl of rice, so share it amongst your group!

Chicken Pad Thai ($12.90) – Delicious thin noodles with sprinkles of peanuts and spices on the side!

A class favourite, with a classic flavour. This rendition was a bit on the sweet side but there was nothing wrong with this safe dish that instantly tells me I am in a Thai restaurant.

The Review: Looking through the menu, it looked like any other Thai menu so we decided to share and sample a few of their dishes.

This cold salad had a very rich Thai flavour – by that I mean a lot of fish sauce and tang. The combination of ingredients in the salad was well matched and it could be a fulfilling dish on its own. Adds freshness with the addition of cucumber and tomato.

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Lamb Cashew Nut Stir Fry ($13.90) with oriental vegetables and ginger + Charcoal BBQ Ox Tongue ($11.90)

Beef Pad See Ew ($12.90)

Beef Pad See Ew ($12.90)

Green peppercorn cbd

– That has got to be the plan-dan.

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Arguably Green Peppercorn’s signature dish, the pandan crème brulee is incomparable.

Lightly battered deep fried soft shell crab seasoned with salt
and pepper served with mum’s special sauce and sweet
chilli sauce.

Opening Hours
Monday – Wednesday
12:00pm-3:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm

Growing up, my undisputed favourite was the Green Ranger. He was just a badass, he first entered the fray as the first ranger on the dark side and proceeded to beat all five of the good rangers singlehandedly. The dude summoned a f*cking dragon from the ocean and he was the epitome of awesome.

So yeah, once a ranger fan always a ranger fan.

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Marinated BBQ Beef Cuts with Mum’s Special Sauce