green mountain cbd where to buy

Green mountain cbd where to buy

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Simply put, to help as many people and pets as possible


We’ve heard from numerous customers that “Cannabidiol didn’t work for them,” only to find out that the products they were using contained little to no CBD, or even worse, poor quality items with fillers and false labeling. These people become our strongest advocates, finding benefit and relief when they thought none was possible.

We’re proud to produce the cleanest hemp-derived products available while helping our customers with effective CBD based products. We use full-spectrum plant extract containing all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes which facilitates the entourage effect. We don’t use any marijuana in our products, and everything we make has been thoroughly tested to meet or exceed all federal and state regulations, including hemp regulations.

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Green Mountain Hemp Company products are top of the line, providing benefits to many.

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Green Mountain was founded in 2016 by Alejandro Bergad and Jacob Goldstein who had grown up together in the same NY neighbourhood. Bergad previously served as the Chief Agricultural Officer of a hemp farm. The pair took over a 52 acre farmstead in Hardwick and got to work, showering meticulous attention to detail on every aspect of their farm. Currently their revenue stands at $2M and they provide full time employment to 20 employees with additional seasonal employment.

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Their capsules are among the cheapest in the market retailing at approximately $1/20mg capsule which is significantly lesser than their Colorado competition. Their end product earns a healthy 8.9/10 rating on CBD Oil users but is not rated among the best in terms of quality.

Green Mountain

Their commitment to passing on the benefits of low costs to consumers is laudable but comes at a risk. Consumers may focus too heavily on the price and may not consider that Green Mountain CBD have one of the cleanest products in the market. To counteract this, their challenge will be to go from getting good reviews to great reviews, thereby shifting the focus to their high quality and away from their low price. This can only be done through careful consumer research and focusing on attributes that consumers care about.

When new industries are created overnight, there is a justifiable flurry of activity in its value chain starting from the investor to the consumer. The legalization of cannabis for recreational and medical use is one such case in point. Elsewhere , we have covered the story of how technology is stepping in to ensure that only the highest quality of product makes its way into the legal market. Today our focus will be on Green Mountain CBD – a Cannabidiol (CBD) producer based out of Vermont.

The Product

After the very first season, they got offered $250,000 by Evergreen Capital but the deal fell through at the last moment due to differences in vision. Earlier in 2018, they accepted $7M in venture capital funding from One Better Ventures and intends to change its name to Sunsoil in early 2019. They plan to lease and additional 50 acres of land in the same area and also plan to purchase 300acres in the Champlain Valley. The company also publicly announced their intention to drive down prices with the ensuing increase of scale.

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