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Shop for Sunsoil CBD oil and capsules. Sunsoil is a Vermont brand that was formerly known as Green Mountain CBD. The hemp that they grow and the natural oils that they infuse their products with are all certified USDA organic. They grow all of their own hemp and do their own extraction right at their farm in Northern Vermont. What is the difference between SunSoil and Green Mountain CBD? They are the same company, except there was a Green Mountain name change to SunSoil. Sunsoil CBD (formerly Green Mountain) Sunsoil started as Green Mountain CBD and changed our name to Sunsoil in early 2019. With this name change, you can expect the same exact product formulas,

Sunsoil (Formerly Green Mountain CBD)

Cinnamon Flavor Extra Strength CBD Oil (1200mg) – Sunsoil

Natural Flavor Extra Strength CBD Oil (1200mg) – Sunsoil

Peppermint Flavor Extra Strength CBD Oil (1200mg) – Sunsoil

Peppermint CBD Oil Spray (500mg, 5mg/spray) – Sunsoil

Sunsoil CBD Oil Drops & CBD Capsules

Sunsoil is a Vermont CBD brand that was formerly known as Green Mountain CBD. The hemp that they grow and the natural oils that they infuse their products with are all certified USDA organic. They grow all of their own hemp and do their own extraction right at their farm in Northern Vermont.

Sunsoil Has Their Own Proprietary Hemp Seeds

Since Sunsoil breeds their own genetics in-house and uses their own seeds, this allows them to have MUCH more control over the quality and efficacy of their CBD. This also allows them to breed and grow hemp plants that are naturally suited to their local Vermont environment and ecosystem. They’ve managed to produce hemp plants in VT that grow to over 8 feet high before they’re ready to be chopped!

All Sunsoil Hemp Starts In A Greenhouse

The team at Sunsoil plants their seeds early in the spring when it’s still way too cold in Vermont to be planting outside. These heated greenhouses give Sunsoil’s hemp crop an early jump start on the growing season, and it’s one of the reasons they are able to produce such large quantities and large size hemp plants.

Organic Farming Is The Core of Sunsoil’s Operations

Sunsoil’s mission is to provide high quality CBD products while leaving their farm land in better condition than previous land owners. They are fully organic, which means no pesticides, heavy metals, or herbicides used during ANY part of the growing process.

Green Mountain CBD Review – Now Known as SunSoil

What is the difference between SunSoil and Green Mountain CBD? They are both the same company, except that there was a Green Mountain name change into SunSoil. However, there is also a second Green Mountain Hemp Company, which is not the same as SunSoil.

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The SunSoil company creates premium CBD oil, soft gels, vegan capsules, coconut oil, and CBD sprays. Their products contain CBD, or cannabidiol, which has various medicinal properties, including relief from insomnia, back pain, arthritic pain, and anxiety.

If you are new to CBD oils, you may have the frequently asked questions: Will CBD make me high? Or does CBD show up on a drug test?

CBD, or cannabidiol , is a separate compound from THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which has psychedelic properties and makes one high. CBD can be taken by people of all ages (after consultation with your doctor) and even pets like dogs.

SunSoil CBD Oil Cinnamon Drops

One of the most popular SunSoil products is the SunSoil CBD Oil Cinnamon Drops. Taste is a big thing when it comes to CBD oils. With the SunSoil CBD Oil Unflavored drops, the taste of CBD oil is pretty strong. Some users can’t stand the bitter after-taste of CBD oil.

It is for this reason that SunSoil has a best-selling cinnamon-flavored CBD oil. The taste of cinnamon is generally well-liked, and it overpowers CBD’s bitterness.

SunSoil CBD oil cinnamon drops are made using hemp oil, MCT oil, and cinnamon oil. SunSoil uses USDA certified organic hemp and organic MCT or coconut oil.

SunSoil uses a different extraction process than most. SunsSoil’s CBD comes from using Lipid Infusion, which naturally extracts CBD directly into coconut oil using heat and pressure

As for MCT oil, it is extracted from coconut oil. MCT , or Medium Chain Triglycerides, are a natural compound extracted from plant products like coconut oil and palm oil. MCT oil is great for weight loss, and it’s used by people following the ketogenic diet. It is also a great source of energy.

This SunSoil CBD oil contains 20mg of CBD per serving. It is combined with the warm cinnamon oil spice that balances out the taste of hemp. Most people love the taste of cinnamon, but others might need a gulp of water to get it down.

What Does Green Mountain CBD Oil Taste Like?

The taste of hemp is described as an earthy, green, or plant-y taste. However, higher concentrations of CBD in one serving may cause a bitter taste. Some people like the taste and others don’t.

The good news is that SunSoil CBD oils come in different flavors – like cinnamon and chocolate mint – but they also feature a carrier oil, which is MCT oil. MCT oil dilutes the taste of the bitter hemp.

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How Long Does it Take for CBD Effects to be Felt?

When it comes to CBD oil, the results vary due to factors like the differing metabolic rates among individuals. However, most results appear within a few minutes to almost two hours. If it is your first time taking CBD oil, take it a little by little and build up to the prescribed dosage.

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Make sure to record the time you had it and the time when the effects started to show. If you feel that the results take too long or don’t last long enough, you may consider upping the dose.

How to Incorporate Green Mountain CBD Oil into Your Diet

There are quite a few different ways to make sure you get all the benefits of Green Mountain CBD oils. Whether the unique CBD taste appeals to you or not, you can experiment to find out which works best for you. Here are some ways to incorporate MCT oil into your diet:

  • Directly swallow the CBD oil
  • Place under the tongue for 1-2 minutes to maximize absorption
  • Immediately after, drink some water to wash out the taste
  • A few drops of CBD oil with your morning coffee
  • In a smoothie
  • Dissolved in food

Who Can Take Green Mountain CBD oil?

The SunSoil CBD oil is not for sale to anyone under the age of 18. CBD oil consumption requires responsible handling. While CBD oil is usually well-tolerated, certain side effects might be observed, such as dry mouth, diarrhea, fatigue, and some interaction with medication.

After consultation with your doctor, you’ll find that you can easily incorporate Green Mountain CBD oil into your diet like an ordinary dietary supplement.

CBD oil is also popular for pets, for example, dogs. With CBD usage, dogs can find relief from arthritic pain caused by injury or old age. The CBD oil can be incorporated into dog food and treats to provide relief from pain and also anxiety.

Benefits of Green Mountain Hemp Extract

If you’re looking to start incorporating CBD oil into your diet, then you need to know the potential benefits for your health. CBD oil has various health benefits to people and animals, including pain relief. Here are some of the benefits that users get from using CBD oil every day:

Relief from back pain

Taking CBD oil may act as a cheaper and more natural alternative to pharmaceutical prescription medication. Users report relief from back and neck pain after a few doses CBD oil. CBD affects the chemical receptors for pain, thus reducing low back pain and neck pain. CBD oil is good for chronic pain and helps with other issues caused by pain, for example, failure to sleep.

Arthritis pain

Incorporating Green Mountain Hemp Oil into your diet is also suitable for pain caused by arthritis. CBD works with chemical receptors to inhibit inflammation caused by arthritis in the body.

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It reduces pain and joint stiffness in arthritic joints like wrists and fingers. CBD oil may help patients with RA or rheumatoid arthritis to manage symptoms. CBD can also help aging pets suffering from inflamed and arthritic joints.


CBD oil may help with reducing anxiety. Some SunSoil reviews claim that CBD may be more effective than pharmaceutical anxiety medication. Anxiety drugs may come with side effects like brain fog. However, CBD is safe for anxiety and has no side effects on mental clarity. Consider Green Mountain CBD Oil to achieve a feeling of calm.


Studies show that organic CBD drops have a calming effect on the nervous system. Insomnia can be caused by stress, and CBD has a positive impact on stress. CBD also relaxes the body, thus making sleep come easier.

Taking CBD oil in the evening or right before improves sleep throughout the night. Some users reported that they felt they noticed more ease in falling asleep and staying asleep at night.

Sunsoil CBD (formerly Green Mountain)

Sunsoil started as Green Mountain CBD and changed our name to Sunsoil in early 2019. With this name change, you can expect the same exact product formulas, pricing, farming practices, extraction method, and people behind the company as you did under the former name. The recent change only impacted the name and logo.

Every Sunsoil product is made with organically farmed hemp from Vermont. Our whole plant, full spectrum products are naturally extracted using organic coconut oil, heat, and pressure and are tested rigorously at third party labs.

All of our products are full spectrum, whole plant extracts, and we extract using only organic coconut oil and coconut-derived MCT oil. Nothing is added or removed during our extraction process in order to preserve the wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes that naturally exist in our hemp plants.

We generally encourage our customers to start with a serving of 20mg of CBD, and to wait at least 4 to 6 hours before trying any more, making sure to pay attention to how you feel. The amount of CBD taken can be increased or decreased incrementally from there. Every person will respond differently to CBD, so it is important to find the right serving size for your needs.

To ensure the consistency and quality of our products, each batch of our CBD oil goes through rigorous testing to verify its purity and potency.

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