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At SWISS FX, we believe that the only the highest quality CBD oil should be given to your pet. Is CBD safe to give to pets? Are there any potential side effects that you need to be concerned about? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in this essential guide to CBD for pets. Looking to buy CBD pet oil? In this in-depth review, we’ll be examining the CBD pet oil from CBDfx to find out if it’s the right choice for your pet. The CBDfx 250mg pet CBD oil is ideal for small sized animals under 20 lbs including small dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals. Your pet will love the taste and beneficial compounds of this high-quality CBD tincture. The lowest dosage CBDfx option available.

Fx CBD Oil For Dogs

As a pet owner, you want to provide your furry friend with the best treatments available. But it’s no secret that vet bills are often expensive. Certainly, professional veterinarian care is the best route to go. But there are times when the cost of such care is out of reach.

So, where are you supposed to turn when your pet needs treatment for various ailments, and you can’t afford to take them to the vet?

Enter: CBD for pets.
Thanks to the recent breakthroughs in CBD products, you now have an affordable, viable, and effective alternative. Indeed, CBD for pets is gaining traction as one of the most popular forms of pet care in many parts of the world.

But maybe you still have questions that you’d like answered. Is CBD safe to give to pets? Are there any potential side effects that you need to be concerned about? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this essential guide to CBD for pets.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is also commonly referred to as marijuana. However, there are other varieties of cannabis, such as hemp plants, which is where most CBD oils are derived. Unfortunately, many people erroneously associate CBD for pets with giving their furry friends marijuana.

This is incorrect.

It’s understandable that you might feel some trepidation over giving CBD products to your pet. But CBD products do not have the same psychoactive properties found in marijuana. This is because CBD oil doesn’t contain the same levels of THC found in marijuana.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound responsible for causing marijuana’s intoxicating effects. Products sold with CBD contain an incredibly small amount of THC. As such, CBD cannot get you — or your pets — “high.”

Is CBD Safe for Animals?

It is widely known that THC is toxic to animals, with dogs affected more so than other pets. Fortunately, your pet can still enjoy the potential benefits of CBD without fear of THC toxicity. Dog owners in particular can rest easy knowing that CBD dog treats and the like won’t cause problems.

Since most CBD products come from the hemp plant rather than marijuana, and because most traces of THC are removed in the manufacturing process, you can safely give CBD to your canine friends and other pets.

With that said, your pet may respond differently than other animals. They may experience CBD’s health benefits more so than others, or they may only benefit a little. Furthermore, some animals experience dry mouth, drowsiness, or lowered blood pressure.

The good news is that these side effects usually occur only when too much CBD is administered, as CBD potency increases with the more you use. So, how much CBD oil should you give your furry family members?

It’s important that you know how much CBD to give to your pet. You can usually find dosage information on the CBD product packaging. If you buy CBD dog treats, for example, the manufacturer should provide directions based on your pet’s weight and serving size.

If you can’t find immediate instructions for how to administer your CBD for pets product, you can follow a general rule of thumb. And that is approximately 1 to 2 milligrams for every 10 pounds of body weight.

So if your dog weighs 50 pounds, you can administer between 5 and 10 milligrams of CBD. If you’re using CBD dog treats, remember to check the label to see how many milligrams of CBD are in each treat.

If you’re using a CBD oil tincture, remember that they come in various concentrations. This means that some CBD oil products are stronger than others. As such, it may be best to administer the lowest dosage possible based on your pet’s weight.

You can then gauge your pet’s reaction and administer another dosage if you don’t see any changes. Keep in mind, though, that CBD oil and other products take between 30 and 45 minutes to kick in after dosing. What’s more, each CBD dose will last between 4 and 8 hours.

If you want to ensure that your pet gets the fastest response, CBD oils tend to absorb faster. Unlike pet CBD treats, CBD drops don’t have to break down any extra content in your pet’s stomach. Therefore, you can be sure to give your pet faster delivery with oils.

With oil, you can apply the CBD directly into your pet’s mouth or apply it to their food.

Benefits of CBD

It must be noted that research and studies are still ongoing regarding the benefits of CBD for pets. However, the studies that are available suggest that CBD is effective in a variety of ways. For example, the PAIN Journal conducted a study that suggests it can alleviate joint pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Furthermore, Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine conducted a placebo-controlled study that was both randomized and double-blind. The 4-week-long study examined 20 large canines that were diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

Each dog was randomly assigned to either a placebo or different CBD options. Before and after treatment, both the veterinarian and their owners checked the dogs for factors related to activity and pain.

The dog owners weren’t disclosed how much or how little CBD was administered so as to not sway the evaluations one way or another. It’s interesting to point out that the placebo group saw no improvements. However, the canines that were given CBD saw significant improvements with lower pain scores.

What’s more, the dogs that received higher doses of CBD showed signs of improvement as much as two weeks after stopping CBD treatment. This suggests that dogs enjoy the benefits of CBD far longer than humans, making it a potentially long-lasting treatment option.

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Healthy Coats
Both dogs and cats are shown to improve their coats of fur thanks to the effects of CBD. In fact, many professional groomers are suggesting CBD products to pet owners who are trying to help their animals improve the health and appearance of their coats.

Does your dog or cat get stressed out when they have to go to the vet or go on a car ride? You might want to try CBD. As per a study found on NCBI, CBD dog treats were used with canines who experienced stress and anxiety under certain conditions, such as fireworks and other noise-induced scenarios.

The results are promising, as no adverse effects were recorded. Yet, some dogs were found to have lowered fear responses, suggesting that CBD is effective in calming animals.

Understandably, some pet owners are fearful of the effects of pharmaceutical drug administration.

Indeed, there are many man-made drugs that are prescribed to pets in an effort to reduce fear and stress. But what are the long-term effects of these types of drugs? More people are turning to the natural qualities of CBD as a safe alternative.

And if the studies are correct, CBD may very well be the answer you’ve been looking for to treat your dog or cat’s anxiety.

Studies have been conducted regarding the reported anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. In fact, these studies have shown that CBD helps reduce the effects of inflammation and swelling by affecting the body’s endocannabinoid receptor activity in acute and chronic inflammation.

Moreover, a rat study revealed that CBD lessened inflammation and swelling in rats that were diagnosed with osteoarthritis. By reducing the inflammation caused by such diseases, your dog or cat may benefit greatly by consuming CBD.

In doing so, you may be able to relieve your pet of pain and discomfort through the effects of CBD.

Easy Administration
As a pet owner, you may have trouble getting your dog or cat to take medication. For some pet owners, it’s a venture that’s virtually impossible. But with CBD oil, for example, you can apply the CBD to a food like peanut butter.

Dogs are more likely to happily consume peanut butter, and there are no capsules or pills that they can spit out. And then there’s the convenience of something like CBD dog treats. The CBD is pre-infused into the treats, ensuring that your canine friend gets the treatment they need.

Additionally, you can always apply CBD oil to your pet’s favourite treat or food for easy administration. Not only will your pet be less stressed by not having to take medication, but you can also rest easy knowing that you don’t have to wrestle to get them to take their medicine.

Lastly, CBD is significantly more affordable compared to the higher cost of vet bills. Granted, there are some situations that only a trained vet can handle. But for certain ailments, CBD may provide the relief your pet needs without breaking the bank.

Just be sure to invest in the highest-quality CBD products, such as those from Swiss FX. In doing so, you can trust that you are giving your pet the very best treatment alternatives.

CBDfx CBD Pet Oil

CBDfx pet CBD oils provide a great option for small, medium, and large pets — it’s unlikely that an animal will need something stronger. Although these pet CBD oils are marked up in price compared with CBD oils marketed for humans, this is a common practice in the industry. The CBDfx pet CBD oils are made using high-quality hemp and supercritical CO2 extraction, which is backed up by third-party lab tests for each product.

Price/Value 4/5

Ranging from $0.06 to $0.14 per mg of CBD depending on what concentration you choose, the prices of CBDfx pet CBD oils fit right into the middle of what you should expect to pay for CBD animal products. There’s always a markup in price compared with CBD products marketed for humans, but with CBDfx, you know you’re getting a high-quality product — and the available recent third-party lab test results confirm this.

CBD Potency 4/5

The potencies of CBDfx pet CBD oils range from 8.3 mg of CBD per mL to 66.6 mg of CBD per mL, depending on what bottle you choose. This should be enough for most pets, but if yours requires something stronger, you may need to try a high-potency extract designed for humans instead.

Hemp Source 4/5

CBDfx sources its hemp from the US. It claims the hemp is grown organically and extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction, and supplies third-party lab test results for each product that seem to support this. However, it doesn’t say that the hemp itself is certified organic, so we can’t give it 5/5 here.

Purpose/Uses 4/5

No matter the size or weight of your pet, or their CBD requirements, CBDfx should have you covered. Whether you’re looking to treat a German Shepherd or a house cat, CBDfx pet CBD oils may be able to help. Only the largest breeds of dogs or pets with severe symptoms will need anything stronger.

Product Variations 4/5

The CBDfx pet CBD oil is available in four different CBD concentrations (250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg and 2000 mg of CBD) marketed at small, medium, and large pets. This is a great selection, as there should be a suitable product for animals of most sizes, weights, and CBD requirements. If your pet needs something stronger, you may have to try high-potency CBD oils for humans instead. However, we haven’t scored CBDfx 5/5 here as there are no flavor options or different product types — m any other CBD pet oils are available in different flavors, such as chicken or beef, or in the form of treats, to help you encourage your pet to swallow the supplement.

Formulation/Ingredients 3/5

The formula used for this product is very standard — not unlike most other CBD oils on the market.

Each bottle consists of a CBD extract dissolved in coconut oil to improve the texture, and more evenly distribute the consistency of the CBD.

Product Variants

CBDfx Pet CBD Oil
30 mL

3.83 / 5

Total CBD : 250 mg
Potency : 8.33 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.14
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
CBDfx Pet CBD Oil
30 mL

3.83 / 5

Total CBD : 500 mg
Potency : 16.6 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.10
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
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CBDfx Pet CBD Oil
30 mL

3.83 / 5

Total CBD : 1000 mg
Potency : 33.3 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.08
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
CBDfx Pet CBD Oil
30 mL

3.83 / 5

Total CBD : 2000 mg
Potency : 66.6 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.06
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
Table of Contents

CBDfx CBD Pet Oil Review

Article By

CBD has been shown to help with a variety of symptoms, including pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even seizures. If you have a pet that is suffering from any of these, CBD might help them to live a higher-quality life.

If you’re new to the industry, CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that has numerous health benefits, without causing the high commonly associated with marijuana.

So, if you’re looking for a natural way to treat your pet, whether it’s as a result of old age or disease, CBD might be the answer you’re looking for.

This article will examine the CBD pet oils from CBDfx to see how they stack up against the competition.

By the end of this review, you’ll know if CBDfx is the right choice for you and your pet.

Overview: Pet CBD Oil

The CBDfx pet CBD oil comes in four different concentrations: 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg and 2000 mg. Therefore, it should be able to help pets of all sizes and requirements — except perhaps the largest dog breeds or those with severe symptoms.

There isn’t a lot of research on CBD and its effects on animals, so there is always a risk when giving your pets CBD. However, as far as we know, CBD is safe for human consumption, and we assume that this carries over to mammals, as they have the same endocannabinoid system.

However, always consult a veterinarian or another animal health professional before giving your pet CBD.

CBDfx recommends the 250 mg pet oil for small animals (less than 20 lbs). This includes cats, rabbits, or small breeds of dogs such as Chihuahuas or Shih Tzus.

The 350 mg variety might be better for medium-sized animals, including German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers.

Lastly, the 1000 and 2000 mg CBD oil is for animals larger than 60 lbs or those with severe symptoms.

Overall, CBDfx has a CBD oil for pets of most sizes and with varying CBD requirements.

Pros & Cons

  • Options available for pets of most sizes and with varying CBD requirements
  • Made with high-quality hemp
  • CO2 extracted
  • Full-spectrum
  • No choice of flavor

Key Features and Benefits

1. Products For Pets Of All Sizes

The CBDfx pet CBD oil comes in four concentrations: 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg and 2000 mg of CBD. This shows that the company understands that pets of different sizes require different CBD concentrations.

Whether you have a hamster, Pomeranian, cat, or a German Shepherd, CBDfx has a CBD oil that works.

2. High-Quality Hemp that Is Grown Organically

All of CBDfx’s hemp is sourced from the US and grown organically — plus, all the products come with third-party lab test results, so you know exactly what you’re giving your pet every time.

3. CO2 Extracted

All CBDfx pet CBD oils are extracted using supercritical CO2.

This is considered to be the best method for extracting CBD because it doesn’t require the use of other solvents or heat, which means that the final product is as pure as possible.

About the Company: CBDfx

CBDfx is one of the larger companies in the CBD industry. It produces a wide variety of different products, covering all major categories: CBD oils, concentrates, gummies, capsules, topicals, vape oils and pens, etc..

Although the pricepoint of CBDfx products is slightly higher than other mainstream CBD companies, CBDfx sources its hemp from the US and claims it’s grown organically and extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction. It also supplies third-party lab test results for each product that seem to support this. Therefore, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality product every time you place an order.

CBDfx welcomes you to contact company representatives by telephone or email if you have any questions or concerns. Our experience with this was excellent — they were fast, professional, and answered our questions to the best of their ability. Plus, the company will ship products for free to all 50 states in a standard time of 5 to 10 days and has a 30-day money-back return policy for unopened and unused products.


4.33 / 5

Enter the code DailyCBD20 for 20% off

Who Should Consider Using Pet CBD Oil?

This is an excellent product for people who have been using CBD and want to pass on its benefits to their pets. It is third-party tested, so you know exactly what you’re giving to your pets.


Pet oils are generally more expensive than CBD oils meant for human consumption. CBDfx pet CBD oils sit somewhere in the middle, with the price ranging from $0.06 to $0.14 per mg of CBD depending on what bottle you choose. These prices are pretty standard throughout the industry when it comes to products designed for animal consumption.

Cost Breakdown of CBDfx Pet CBD Oils
Product Image Product Name Total CBD Total Price Cost per mg CBD
Pet CBD Oil — 250 250 mg $34.99 $0.14
Pet CBD Oil — 500 500 mg $49.99 $0.10
Pet CBD Oil — 1000 1000 mg $79.99 $0.08
Pet CBD Oil — 2000 2000 mg $119.99 $0.06

CBD Potency

CBDfx has a solid selection of different CBD potencies that you can choose depending on the needs and size of your animal. Between the three choices, you should be able to find a product that works for your pet.

Comparing the Potency of CBDfx Pet CBD Oils
Product Image Product Name Total CBD Total Volume CBD Potency (mg/mL)
Pet CBD Oil — 250 250 mg 30 mL 8.33 mg/mL
Pet CBD Oil — 500 500 mg 30 mL 16.66 mg/mL
Pet CBD Oil — 1000 1000 mg 30 mL 33.33 mg/mL
Pet CBD Oil — 2000 2000 mg 30 mL 66.66 mg/mL

Hemp Source

CBDfx uses high-quality hemp from the US. All of the hemp is grown organically, although the website doesn’t say that it has been certified organic. The third-party lab test results seem to validate these claims of high quality.


CBDfx has different pet oils for different types and sizes of pets. The company provides specific instructions on how to dose your pets based on their weight as well as their symptoms.


According to the CBDfx website, the ingredients in this product are as follows: CO2 extracted hemp, CBD, and coconut oil. This is an average formula used by most CBD companies in this space. There isn’t anything particularly notable about this pet oils formula.

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CBDfx’s Shipping and Return Policy

The CBDfx website states that it will ship products in a standard time of 5 to 10 days, which is free to all 50 states. There are, however, express and international shipping options available at a charge, although this depends on the required timeframe or destination. The company has a 30-day money-back return policy for unopened and unused products.

Final Verdict: A Good Choice for Most Pets

Overall, CBDfx pet CBD oils are high-quality products for a decent price. CBDfx has made variants for pets of all sizes that mirror the quality of the products meant for human consumption.

The four different concentration levels mean that CBDfx should have a CBD pet oil for pets of all sizes, regardless of their needs. The strongest oil contains 66.6 mg of CBD per mL, which is more than enough for large pets. Only the largest of dogs — or pets with severe symptoms — may require something with a higher CBD content than this. Therefore, if you’re looking to help your pets manage the symptoms of old age or other medical conditions, CBDfx is a solid choice.

You might be able to find a few other similar products at a slightly lower cost, but CBDfx is one of the more reliable and trustworthy suppliers of CBD pet oil on the market today. The third-party lab test results for each product are updated regularly, so you know exactly what’s going into your pet’s body.

However, if you’re looking for treats or capsules to give your pet, then, unfortunately, you’ll have to look elsewhere. CBDfx doesn’t offer any flavor options, so you may need to consider other companies if your pet doesn’t take to this product.

In conclusion, the CBDfx pet CBD oil is a great product sourced from high-quality hemp, with third-party lab test results provided. Plus, it is reasonably priced.

Overall, it should be one of the top contenders for those looking to buy CBD oil for their pets.

CBDfx Pet CBD Oil Tincture (Small) 250mg

The CBDfx 250mg pet CBD oil is ideal for small sized animals under 20 lbs including small dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals. Your pet will love the taste and beneficial compounds of this high quality CBD tincture. The lowest dosage CBDfx Pet option available.

CBDfx Pet CBD oils are vegan, bacon flavored, and contain superfoods such as Circumin.

  • Contains 250mg of Premium CBD Oil for Pets
  • THC-Free – Broad Spectrum CBD
  • CO2 Extracted: The highest quality extraction
  • CBDfx: Made in the USA
  • Not Available For Shipment & Sale into California

*For specific drop amount follow the directions on the back of your Pet CBD Tincture bottle.

From the manufacturer:

Application options for your pet from most effective to least:

1. Apply the dropper in the middle of your pet’s tongue (Most Effective)

2. Apply drops into your pet’s meal or treats.

3. Apply drops to your pet’s water bowl (Least Effective)

*Each drop of our large breed CBD oil should work out to about 2mg of active CBD. The general guideline is to use 1 drop for every 8 lbs of the animal’s body weight. For example, your 56 pound labrador will find their ideal dose to be somewhere around 7 drops per day.


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