florida cbd connection

Florida cbd connection

Because well-being is personal, we make brands and products to fit different preferences and lifestyles.

At Green Thumb, we believe in the plant’s potential to improve health, happiness, and comfort. We invest in our people, our brands, and our retail experiences to power a profound shift in well-being.

A family of brands

Our retail stores prioritize educational and explorative experiences, shepherded by our People Care Specialists.

Since 2014, we’ve championed brands that give people choice in safe and quality cannabis on their journey to well-being.

We’re leaving our thumbprint on the industry.

Our real power is in our people and our shared commitment to giving back to the communities that we serve.

Florida cbd connection

"Medical Marijuana is the fastest growing healthcare related industry in the country today and people are finally able to access this medicine in Florida . We wanted to give patients a network of state certified Medical Marijuana Doctors that were only a short drive from anywhere in Jacksonville ."

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. , April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Florida has seen a substantial increase in Medical Marijuana Patients since implementing Amendment 2 into law last year, which among other things greatly expanded the qualifying conditions to obtain cannabis as medicine, in the sunshine state.

Florida CBD Connection boasts their network doctors are able to help hundreds of people per month because of their state of the art scheduling technology and easy to use patient portals. The site allows patients to contact the nearest Jacksonville MMJ Center directly to schedule an initial consult with the doctor.

The staff is "very hands -on " and able to explain the new state regulations and requirements for qualifying. Help is available to navigate the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use’s strict application process and approvals.

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Florida CBD Connection is announcing a new Jacksonville Marijuana Doctors Network focused on patient care and accessibility.