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Fit Nutrition is Sydney’s premium supplement store housing the world’s best curated selection of supplements, vitamins & superfoods. Shop online now!

George Street 500 Sydney

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FIT Nutrition Fix – Sydney CBD Reviews & Ratings

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Fit nutrition fix cbd

FIT’s experts include celebrity personal trainer and weight loss expert, Lenny Chad; smoothie guru and author of The Inspired Table Jordanna Levin; and accredited dietitian Liv Bates.

“We’ve tried to do a few extra things to give people extra value so it’s not all about the sale — there are other things they can do while they are in the store which are free.”

Cameron’s background is in experiential marketing — creating events and campaigns that allowed average consumers to touch, see, feel and interact with products, such as the make your own Magnum stores.

“What I feel works the best is when one of our team of experts comes over at that point and picks up where you’re at the results page and asks if you want them to talk you through it or walk you around the store and explain what it means — and people really like that because they can engage again with a human being but they’ve done the hard work themselves,” he said.

The zen zone is where customers can pop on some headphones for a 10-minute guided meditation.

FIT Nutrition Fix was launched in Bondi Junction by entrepreneur Matt Cameron who was inspired to create his concept store through his own health battles as a type 1 diabetic.

“You can come into the store and throw some headphones on and do a 10-minute guided meditation if you’re busy throughout the day in our zen zone, which is at the back of the store and where we’ve purposely dropped the music right down,” he said.