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Very quick turnaround time. We don't like running out of the gummies. They work wonders for arthritis pain and sleep.

Terrible customer service. Received wrong product in bottle I ordered. It was not the 2000mg dose CBD full spectrum I ordered, but some caramel flavored weak CBD oil that I am unable to take due to the caramel, and is not even helpful to my husband for his allergy issues. I bought this bottle to stock up before I ran out and so I didnt try it out until a couple weeks after receiving it, and because of this they refused to do anything! The bottle was labeled as one thing, and filled with another! Quality control is terrible with this company, every time I have ordered the droppers on the bottle have been different, some with child locks, some without, some with measurements, some without, some even leak the oil out because it doesn't seem to be the right size for the bottle. I didn’t really care until they messed up the product I paid for and gave me a much cheaper and weaker product that I can’t even take! They did nothing to correct the situation because I didnt taste it right after receiving it. I stocked up early due to the sale (duh) and of course did not expect to have an issue with the right bottle but wrong oil. Thats like getting a prescription early and it having it contain the wrong medication inside. Totally messed up and infuriating, because this stuff isn’t cheap and I rely on it for pain management and anxiety. Now I am officially out and have to go find another place to purchase from. This is such a terrible time to be ripping people off, we are all struggling mentally, physically, and financially. Shame on you

My main issue is with the company. Website was offering a BOGO promotion. I received my order, but it was missing the "Get One" part (only received 1 item). Contacted the company 3 separate times via website, email, and live chat. I have received no response back.

Love these products

We purchased the CBD oil a few months ago from a friend. The oil met our expectations and then some. Not only did it help with our arthritis but gave me energy and an overall good positive feeling. When we could not longer get the oil from our friend we panicked. There are so many options but we wanted only this product. Then we realized we could scan the bottle bar-code to find the company that made this oil. Thank you, thank you! We love EsperienceCBD products.

I'm extremely disappointed. I ordered 1800mg of the gummies and I have to eat about 5 of them to feel anything.. not worth the money

Excellent service from product to…

Excellent service from product to ordering to delivery. will order from again! Fast fast shipping!

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Warning: May cause drowsiness and/or sleepiness; do not take when driving, operating heavy machinery or engaging in any activity that requires alertness.

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