etst high grade hemp cbd oil

ETST is always trying to find ways to grow and still innovative in the Cannabidiol, (CBD) arena. As was hinted earlier this week, the company’s sales team and marketing team have decided to change its marketing and branding direction. Instead of labeling and marketing its products as, “High Grade Hemp CBD Oil,” the company will start branding and marketing its products as, “High Grade Full Spectrum Cannabinoids,” in the beginning of 2018. With this new product verbiage, the Company plans on adding a, “Cannabinoid Complex,” (shown on blog) having the supplement facts showing the breakdown of the full spectrum of CBD oils being used: CBD, CBG, CBDA, etc. Along with the new marketing strategy, ETST plans on having its box packaging look modern and edgy, while maintaining a clean medicinal look.

Mr. Aviles stated, “I look forward to sharing my knowledge, by educating consumers on the wonders of cannabinoids and our brand. I plan on using my videos and seminars, not only for our current and potential consumers, but to educate our growing national sales team. This will ultimately further our goal to educate our accounts. I feel it’s important to educate the consumer first, then to have product sell itself, to build the trust and loyalty.”

About Earth Science Pharmaceutical: Earth Science Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Earth Science Tech, Inc (ETST). Earth Science Pharmaceutical is focused on becoming a world leader in the development of low cost, non-invasive diagnostic tools, medical devices, testing processes and vaccines for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections and/or Diseases). Earth Science Pharmaceutical CEO, Dr. Michel Aubé, a renowned scientist, is committed to help grow ETST in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

The Scientifically formulated ETST High Grade Hemp CBD Vegetarian Capsules are vegetarian encapsulated for superior absorption and provide 15mg of full spectrum ETST High Grade Hemp CBD oil per vegetarian capsule providing 30 servings per container. The company is very pleased with the positive feedback and sales it has recently received for its soft launch of its ETST High Grade Hemp CBD Vegetarian Capsules and would like to inform the market and its shareholders they’re available for purchase now via the company’s website, (Purchase High Grade Hemp Veggie Caps).

Nickolas Tabraue, COO of Earth Science Tech, stated, “Initial results have shown clearly that a demand exists in the market for our High Grade Hemp CBD capsules and powders, especially with our active lifestyle consumers. We will continue to carry them as a part of our regular product line.” Tabraue continued, “Increased marketing and distribution are now underway nationally to our growing network of distribution channels”.

The addition of Earth Science’s High Grade Hemp CBD Oil Vegetarian Capsules and Powder has increased the Company’s current portfolio of product skus to 19. This portfolio does not include the Company’s upcoming line of Non-CBD Nutritional Bioceutical products.