ethical cbd

Ethical cbd

The need for a new “truly green” CBD certification is illustrated by the consumer resource chart comparing CBD certification labels:

Green America’s Green Business Network® launched a CBD (cannabidiol) certification standard focused on sustainability and social impact and released a new chart so that CBD consumers can compare the industry’s various product certification labels and what they mean.

The new Green Business Network® CBD certification standard addresses a wide range of social and environmental issues facing the industry and will play an important role for consumers in affirming that businesses providing CBD products are operating in accordance with practices that support people and the planet.

The Green Business Network® is a national network of small to mid-sized companies that work to integrate strong social and environmental commitments into their business operations. The Network is home to both rising social and eco enterprises and to well-established green businesses. The Network provides the tools, information, and – for certified members – access to consumers to help green businesses thrive in today’s competitive green marketplace.

Required criteria for this certification address social and environmental initiatives in ten different categories:

What is the right dose?
At this point in time, scientists can’t answer this question because they don’t fully understand the ECS or the workings of cannabinoids in the body.

We are confident that our range of CBD oils, topicals, and edibles is of the highest quality to deliver the best possible value for our customers.

Being bacon-flavoured, your dog will happily ingest the CBD oil on its kibble, snack or wet food. This CBD oil for dogs is a CBD isolate made from high-quality organic hemp and contains no THC at all. The product is third-party tested for quality and safety.

About Ethical Botanicals

Our Product Line of premium CBD Oil Canada
Ethical Botanicals produces a range of premium wellness products for people, but we also cater to our furry friends, dogs and cats!

On the other hand, you could also go for a broad-spectrum product. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, but the THC has been removed. If you want to avoid THC, but want to benefit from a range of cannabinoids, then you should get a broad-spectrum product. Scientists have found that these compounds work together to create the so-called “entourage effect” meaning that together, they strengthen each other’s workings, making the product more effective.

Vaping produces higher levels of absorption. You quickly feel the effects because the CBD doesn’t pass through the digestive system; it’s absorbed directly into your bloodstream. You absorb more CBD through vaping than through something you eat like a muffin containing CBD. The digestive tract and the liver are efficient at metabolizing and eliminating substances like CBD.

Founded in 2018 in Vancouver, the center of Canada’s CBD revolution and close to local suppliers, Ethical Botanicals has been providing only premium-quality CBD oil Canada for years now. We don’t make wild statements about what our products can do for customers. We simply create the highest quality CBD products and let the facts speak for themselves. Our customers buy our products for chronic pain, stress, anxiety, joint pain, inflammation, and sleep disorders, among other reasons, although this doesn’t constitute medical advice and you should consult with your physician before undertaking any CBD treatment. We know that we succeed in our mission to provide safe and effective products from the regular 5-star reviews Ethical Botanicals receives online.

Ethical cbd

Brand Ethics | Women-led, vegan, gives back, third party-tested
Sustainability | Organic, grown in the USA, regenerative farming practices
Product Range | Tinctures/drops
Price | Starting at $89

Calling all moms: Juna knows best when it comes to everyday CBD. Started by two mothers themselves, Juna’s CBD drops will help you sleep better, focus more, and balance your mood. The brand partners directly with organic farms that prioritize regenerative and sustainable farming. They also work with chefs to formulate effective blends for both AM and PM. Best of all, Juna donates one percent of proceeds to cannabis-related causes, including Cannabis for Black Lives.

Whether you prefer CBD as a once-a-day capsule, a potent sleep aid, or a soothing salve, may you find 2021 to be a bit more peaceful and relaxing—you deserve it.

Whether you want to feel energized, calm, or well-rested, Prima’s line of doctor-formulated and sustainable CBD has your back. Using only clean ingredients from a family-owned farm, Prima is committed to sustainability, transparency, and impact. As a certified B Corp, the team donates one percent of proceeds to nonprofits around the world. Our recommended pick is the powder blend, which you can easily add to any meal.

Shop Not Pot CBD

For an extra safe, fun, and social justice-oriented approach to CBD, Not Pot is where it’s at. This colorful everyday brand offers CBD gummies and clinical strength tinctures (and pet supplements!) that are sustainably sourced from organic farms. The team puts its money where its mouth is, too: Proceeds support cannabis destigmatization efforts as well as bail funds for incarcerated communities of color.

Rosebud uses full-spectrum hemp right out of Oregon. In addition to individual tinctures, bath soaks, and chocolates, the brand sells kits centered around sleep, bath, and even pedicures. Rosebud also offers original, double, and extra strength tinctures—and everything is triple-tested by a third party, so you can feel as relaxed as ever. (If you’re a consistent CBD user, they even offer membership and subscription options to maximize your dollars!)

Brand Ethics | Women-led, vegan, gives back, third-party testing
Sustainability | Organic, GMO-free, grown in the USA
Product Range | Tinctures, topical oils, serums, body butters
Price | Starting at $40

8. Juna

Brand Ethics | Women-led, vegan, gives back, third party-tested
Sustainability | Organic, grown in the USA
Product Range | Tincture/drops, topical oils, gummies, pet CBD
Price | Starting at $39.99

Brand Ethics | Women-led, vegan, lab-tested
Sustainability | Organic, grown in the USA, GMO-free
Product Range | Capsules, topical oils, creams, sprays, serums
Price | Starting at $19.99