erva cbd

Our flower is a direct representation of our community of passionate growers and our dedication to quality. Using organic and sustainable cultivation practices, each plant is hand-reared in the fertile soil of California. The consistent warm sunshine and cool breeze along with natural growing practices create Ervana’s easy and relaxed high.

As a product of the natural environment, we aim to create the least impact on it. Our packaging is created to be easily recyclable, made with recycled and sustainable materials, and printed using soy and linseed-based inks and dyes.

we’re dedicated to crafting a better cannabis experience

Erva cbd

Uma gota contém: Aproximadamente 1,5 mg de CBG..

Armazenamento: Local fresco, escuro e seco.

Como usar: Como ingerir óleo CBG.

De matéria-prima cultivada organicamente, sem pesticidas.

Concentração média, adequada para quem está começando, e para uso contínuo.