empire wellness cbd crystals

Vaping CBD crystals is a more efficient way of consuming them than smoking, as much of the CBD would be burnt away due to the hotter temperatures from the smoking process. When vaped, users can heat the crystals just enough to reach activation temperature. For those who’d rather not inhale at all, sublingual consumption is possible by holding crystals under the tongue for one minute and then eating them.

Cannabis has around 200 different terpenes, nearly double the number of cannabinoids. These tend to activate at higher temperatures to cannabinoids and are the molecules which give each cannabis plant its memorable scent. High concentrations of linalool give cannabis flower a lavender aroma, while large amounts of myrcene make for a more citrusy smell. Terpenes are therapeutic too, linalool is a prominent anti-anxiety molecule. Other terpenes have antiseptic, anti-carcinogen, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

The result is organic, non-GMO CBD crystals with 99% purity. These can be used in several ways, but skilled cannabis users love the near-instant effects of dabbing. But CBD crystals can be added to edibles too.

Dose quickly and easily with CBD crystals

One handy upside with CBD crystals is that because they are nearly 100% pure, the overall weight of the product is roughly the same as the amount of CBD. Therefore, if you want a 50mg dose, weigh out 50mg of CBD crystals and consume via your favorite intake method.

Until now, concentrates have simply offered users a quicker way to take in their favorite cannabinoids, but Empire Wellness is looking to amp up their CBD-isolate crystals by infusing them with terpenes. A leading name in CBD concentrates, Empire Wellness’ revolutionary new concept has unsurprisingly roused interest in the MMJ community.

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Much research and development has gone into making Empire Wellness CBD crystals pure and clean. Doctors, chemists, farmers and technicians have all had their brains plucked to make the crystal-manufacturing process as effective and successful as possible. Empire Wellness grows its own hemp, before processing and extracting the flower with the ultimate CO2 extraction method.

A guide to CBD-isolate crystals

You can buy Empire Wellness 99% pure CBD crystals right here at CBDVapeJuice.net. We also sell Empire Wellness hemp flower and resin wax, all of which are suitable for vaping. The hemp bud can be ground up and smoked, while the crystals and wax can be consumed in edible form.

CBD crystals are made by extracting non-psychoactive CBD from the cannabis plant and isolating and purifying it from the other compounds. Typically, a hemp-based CBD oil will have traces of other cannabinoids, such as THC, CBG and CBN, as well as aroma-creating terpenes and other plant compounds.

Empire wellness cbd crystals

Photo by Chewberto420

Photo by Chewberto420

The Empire Wellness “Tangie” Infused CBD Crystals carry a bright tangerine rind aroma and flavor, a super tasty isolate. The pure white, pure CBD crystals glisten like snow and provide the same quality of pain relief as the other isolate, while 99% pure CBD insures you’re getting the most out of this product. The Tangie strain is a popular extract in the marijuana industry due to the high levels of spot-on tangerine terps; it’s no wonder they use this as a tasty enhancer for this awesome CBD isolate. The Tangie is also great for daytime use.

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All flavor and smell aside, every product that I picked up from Empire Wellness aided in alleviating the joint pain in my hand. This is the best way that I know how to test all the CBD products that I try. I can usually bring on the arthritic behavior from a particularly activity. After, or immediately during the discomfort, I will try a product to see if it helps. I will score the therapeutic value by judging the amount of pain reduction and ease of movement in my hand after consuming. This gives me a general idea of how good a product is.

Empire Wellness is creating some of the most flavorful and aromatic products that I’ve tried so far in the CBD isolate world.

Photo by Chewberto420

You can dab the wax and isolates, sprinkle on top of bowls, put it in pens and vape it—any way you need to get it in your system. This makes it highly convenient for any individual. You could even eat it, if you’d like, as the product is activated and ready to go. Nobody is left out.

Let me break them down.