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At Emerald Daze we focus on healthy modalities for medicating. Our inhalers are made by our pharmacist staff and our lab is of the highest quality. In 2016 our topical company, The Balmb Cannabis Body Care received an award from The Dope Cup Awards in Oregon. It is our mission to bring Quality Of Life back to our lives. Here’s to Cannabis and her healing.

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As one cannabis executive told me, “Our industry seems to mature even faster than our plants do,” said Chris Driessen, President of Organa Brands, the country’s leading cannabis distributor. “We’ve seen the conversation around cannabis change in a remarkable way–we’ve gone from counterculture to pop culture. A couple years ago, I never would’ve expected to see one of our products in a celebrity pre-awards gift bag. Now I’m thinking it might not be too long before we see that red carpet turned green.”

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Using patent-pending trade secret processes, Moon Picks ™ are toothpicks made in the USA from sustainably harvested North American white Birchwood. Unlike the kind you get after a night at the steakhouse, these toothpicks do more than just clean teeth with an infusion of up to 50+ milligrams of concentrates, terpenes, and flavorings into each individual pick. Moon Picks™ come in three varieties, CBD, THC, and Moon Picks™ Xero, uniquely developed to improve the oral health of those suffering from xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth.

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