does great west life cover cbd oil

Does great west life cover cbd oil

Once you have authorization, you can register with a Health Canada-licensed producer of medical cannabis . You can purchase medical cannabis in various forms, such as fresh cannabis, dried cannabis, cannabis oil, extracts and seeds.

To start, visit your doctor and talk about whether medical cannabis is an option for your treatment. If your doctor decides that cannabis may help you, they can provide you with a medical authorization, in compliance with the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Claiming cannabis as a medical expense

Cannabis is an eligible medical expense under Revenue Canada’s Medical Expense Tax Credit . So you can claim expenses related to medical cannabis on your tax return, as long as you have receipts from an approved Health Canada-licensed producer and medical authorization to back up your claim.

Before you submit a claim for medical cannabis, here are a few things you should know.

Is medical cannabis right for you?

Cannabis can be used for either medical or recreational purposes. The difference is really in the use. When we talk about medical cannabis, it’s in reference to cannabis being used to alleviate symptoms of various health conditions and diseases under the guidance of a physician and with the right authorization. Recreational cannabis, however, is not used to serve any medical purpose.

Does great west life cover cbd oil

“We’ve expanded our optional medical cannabis coverage to our pay-direct drug plans, which represent the vast majority of all of our drug plans, to help the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians,” said Bobby Currie, pharmacist and manager of drug strategy at Great-West Life, in a press release.

Great-West Life has offered medical cannabis coverage through health-care spending accounts since 2009. The expansion allows for eligible plan members in Ontario to have their claim submitted by the medical cannabis coaching program using their pay-direct drug cards.

“Participating plan sponsors will now be better able to support their plan members who are prescribed medical cannabis for conditions relating to multiple sclerosis, cancer, HIV or AIDS or symptoms related to palliative care. . . .  Their plan members will be directed to Shoppers Drug Mart’s medical cannabis coaching program, delivered through its Ontario-based call centre,” added Currie.

The Great-West Life Assurance Co. is expanding its coverage of medical cannabis, which includes a new agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart Inc., to deliver its medical cannabis coaching program.

Since medical cannabis isn’t available in retail pharmacies, the program will coordinate delivery to the plan member’s home and offer case management support via check-ins, counselling, education and support by phone and email.