does cbd cause acne

Does cbd cause acne

Rather than applied topically, a few drops of this ultra-pure, ultra-potent CBD oil taken each day orally may help balance out the stress levels and reduce inflammation.

When it comes to actually using CBD oil to treat acne, you may find yourself wondering: supplement or product? Nazarian says, “The evidence supporting use of CBD in treating acne is purely topical at this point. Use of CBD was tested topically on skin cells and has shown promise. Oral supplementation or smoking of CBD formulations has not been evaluated in this manner and can not be recommended.”

Each scoop of these luxe bath salts contains approximately 20mg of CBD oil and a host of other de-stressing and body-boosting ingredients, including pink Himalayan salt, arnica, Epsom salts, and calendula. Plus, they get two thumbs up from Nazarian, who praises their ability to decrease inflammation and encourage relaxation. Great for a bacne-busting soak—make sure the water isn’t too hot.

How Often Can You Use It: Products containing CBD oil can be used twice per day as part of your usual anti-acne skincare routine.

How to Use It

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The good news is, there’s no shortage of CBD-laced products. One of the most popular routes is face oil. Oils are still having their moment in skincare, as they’re ideal for virtually every skin type (depending on the formulation) and act as an excellent carrier for a variety of potent compounds—like CBD. Oils are also easy to incorporate into a multiple-step skincare regimen, so if you’re looking to up your anti-acne game with an extra product that has very little likelihood to interact with your existing products, a face oil containing CBD oil might be the perfect fit. There are also various cleansers, creams, lotions, and oils for the face and body, but it’s important to steer clear of any that might contain potential comedogenic ingredients.

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One thing worth pointing out about incorporating CBD oil into your skincare routine is how kind it is to skin. “It’s gentle, and that’s what makes it stand out from other options,” said Nazarian. “Additionally, there are many skin types that are either too sensitive to use ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or retinol on, or they have allergies to these ingredients. Having an additional tool in the ‘acne toolkit’ will always be useful in the fight for healthy skin.”

Other Skin Benefits

CBD—which stands for Cannabidiol—oil is a compound derived from both hemp (cannabis sativa) and marijuana (cannabis sativa indica) plants, both of which are part of the cannabis family. When it comes to acne’s root causes—a combination of bacteria, oil, and dry skin cells getting trapped in your pores—CBD oil seems to have all bases covered. “CBD oil is beneficial to these conditions due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It reduces sebum production and is also antimicrobial, so it works great for acne-prone skin,” says Green. She also cited a 2007 study published in the Journal of Dermatological Science that showed CBD oil applied to the skin may inhibit the overproduction of keratinocytes (skin cells), thus eliminating yet another acne-causing culprit.

Type of Ingredient: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating.

Does cbd cause acne

When acne grows or if it is squeezed, that force can break the skin underneath the surface and cause acne scars. While shallow acne scars often go away quickly, they prolong acne blemishes long after the pimple itself is cured. Unfortunately picking or scratching these spots will only further damage the skin. Perhaps the best recommendations that dermatologists give is to wash and moisturize areas of acne scars, but to more-or-less leave these areas alone, because more damage will cause more prominent scars.

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The main psychoactive compound found in cannabis is THC, which produces its effects through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) by binding the CB1 and CB2 receptors. THC, like many small molecules, binds different receptors found on cells which will produce different effects depending on the location of the cell.

What Causes Acne?

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If you apply CBD and you have any unwanted effects– itchiness, skin reddening or irritation– then wash off the treatment because you may be having an allergic reaction. If this occurs stop use, and place a cold wash-clothe to alleviate irritation.