chill beauty cbd reviews

The shade “Dreamy” is specially formulated to make teeth appear whiter using flattering blue-tinted pigments. Color glides on smooth and stays put.

Infused with hemp-derived cannabis sativa oil, our lip loving plant-based oil complex nourishes and pampers lips with moisture and protects against feathering.

Comfort, condition, and calm dehydrated lips with our breakthrough Chill Out Lip Glaze. Infused with hemp-derived CBD, our lip loving plant-based oil complex nourishes and pampers lips with moisture and protects against feathering. Formulated with coconut oil, it provides skin-replenishing benefits leaving lips hydrated with a cushion-like light-reflecting, glossy finish.

WARNING: Please consult a physician prior to using if pregnant or breastfeeding. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Chill beauty cbd reviews

I’ve been considering going to a chiropractor or a physical therapist for a while. Computer posture and my perpetual bag-lady-lugging ways have not kept my back in the healthiest state. My body often feels tense and overworked. To relieve my stiff muscles, I treat myself to a massage monthly. Not only does my mind drift away into a deep state of relaxation, but my body is left feeling completely stretched and flushed-out. I experienced one of the best massages of my life at Naturopathica’s new upper east side studio, thanks to this CBD Balm.

By Maya Allen published 4 December 19

If you’re dealing with tense muscles, sleep deprivation, or just a damn stressful day, this silky balm will do the body (and mind) good. How you apply it is entirely up to you. You can give yourself a full rub-down or double-up on specific pressure points that need some extra loving. Expect to be zenned and highly moisturized when you’re all done.


The massage therapist started by explaining the ways in which this balm would deeply penetrate my skin and instantly calm my muscles. She was right. I think my body and mind transcended to another, more blissful place during the massage, but what I know for sure is that, afterwards, my skin felt like the softest cloud had kissed it. My inherently dry skin drinks up moisture fast, but this balm provides the kind of hydration you can feel remnants of the morning after.

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The honest truth: I’m not CBD-crazed. It’s just not something I’m obsessed with and it’s hard for my skeptical self to really believe that ingredient is actually doing something. Still, whether it’s the CBD or something else, this balm truly works and I can’t get enough of it.

Naturopathica Chill Full Spectrum CBD & Kava Balm

CBD is hyped a lot lately, but Naturapathica doesn’t use typical CBD. This balm is made with 100mg of non-psychoactive, isolate-free cannabinoids that have been carbon dioxide extracted, which the brand notes is one of the cleanest methods for creating highly potent, hemp flower–sourced CBD. It’s accompanied by good-for-you ingredients, like vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, chlorophyll, and flavanoids.

My honest take on why you should spend your money on this lotion.