cheap cbd ounces

CBG Stem Cell (CBG) 16.1% (COA HERE)

Additional information

Industrial Hemp is not marijuana.

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Cheap cbd ounces

Terpenes: betta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene, alpha-humulene, alpha-pinene

All of our proprietary cultivars are bred and produced by us, in our Greenhouses, and managed organically. We use organic growing methods and implore the use of helpful beneficial & predatory insects, living soil beds and cover crops to enhance the terpene profiles and quality of our flower. Our Hemp flower is bred and grown specifically for smokable flower, and each cultivar is meticulously chosen for its unique terpene profile.

Quality Specs

Spec7™ premium hemp flower has more of a cheesy floral aroma and taste, very pleasant and calming. Gives a very smooth and soothing smoking experience.

Our hemp plants are all hand harvested, dried and slow-cured in our on-site drying facility. Only the best buds are chosen, and quality inspected in small batches. All flower is cured and stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment, in order to bring out the best taste and smell in the flower and allow the terpenes to bloom. Final storage is low oxygen and no light with controlled humidity.

Curing + Storage Specs

CBD Content: 10%