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Anyway!! Done a bit of digging and it looks like their company has been asked to be stricken off so maybe they’re going under! But with customer service and incompetence like that I can imagine why!

I didn't see the reviews until after I ordered, waited a week for items to turn up and when they didn't arrive I emailed CBD Wellness Centre and got a short email apologizing and blaming the delay on computer system being down. The order was delivered a few days later-taking 10 days to arrive. The product itself was fine, and although CBD Wellness seem to offer a great range of products I'm not sure I'd trust them to deliver again.

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Terrible service. Sent the wrong item. When I got in touch said sorry and will send the correct item. 10 days on still waiting. Have not received what I ordered and paid for the item.

Second order now from CBD Wellness Centre

I should also say they will not answer if you email direct or use the online form. I got an answer on Facebook messenger. But if you post anything remotely negative or querying they delete the post!

This company are scammers, they charge you what they like and are impossible to contact.

Second order now and I am really pleased.
it arrived on time, well-wrapped and contained the products I had ordered so I have given them another 5 Stars. Their products are great, by the way. And I will order from them again.

I didn't see the reviews until after I…

Avoid this company like the plague.

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Just a warning to anyone thinking of buying from these scammers. You will NOT receive your goods . I have just reported them to Devon and Cornwall police for fraud. AVOID .

Cbd wellness centre uk

Parveen Bhatarah, CMC Regulatory and Compliance Lead, comments, “We know that there is a growing interest amongst consumers in the CBD sector and that there has been an explosion of products stocked online and in high street shops. This can lead to confusion about the best product to buy – most importantly what strength/ dosage and what price? We want shoppers to feel confident about the quality of the CBD products on offer in retail – and reassurance that they are getting what they pay for.”

The most important new legal development has been the European Union’s Novel Food regime, which lead to the classification of all extracted cannabinoids as ‘novel’ in January 2019. Novel foods are foods which have not been widely consumed by people by 1997 – examples include cholesterol lowering spreads or foods new to the UK market such as chia seeds. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has declared that it wants all CBD products to be classified as novel foods as an industry standard and is currently encouraging UK manufacturers to submit applications. So, how does a consumer know if it’s an official novel food or just a novelty?

In addition, the fact that cannabis is illegal has made it more difficult to conduct scientific research into its potential health benefits; some CBD labs are unfamiliar with the chemistry of cannabis so in some instances incorrect amounts of CBD and/or THC are inevitably found in high-street products.

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Some studies have suggested that depending on form and dosage, CBD oils can help with pain relief, anxiety, stress, acne, inflammation, nausea, asthma, insomnia, concentration and muscle recovery. An important study conducted in 2011 showed that in a social speakingsimulation as part of a clinical trial, participants who had received CBD oil showed notably lower anxiety levels than those who had received a placebo. In a 2018 critical review report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), CBD oil was shown to be most advanced in epilepsy treatment.

Known more commonly as CBD, Cannabidiol, has seen a notable surge in popularity as a wellness product in recent years. In a study commissioned by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, the UK CBD market was shown to be worth £300m currently, and its double-digit growth each year has led to market value expectations of almost £1bn by 2025. Clearly, CBD is not a fleeting trend.

• 62% products studied didn’t contain the CBD content promised on the label
• One product which retails at £90 was found to contain 0% CBD
• Almost half (45%) of products tested were found to contain a detectable amount of THC, making them technically illegal in the UK
• One product contained 3.8% ethanol making it an alcoholic beverage
• Only 11/29 (38%) of the products were within 10% of the advertised CBD contentand 11/29 (38%) had less than 50% of the advertised CBD content


CBD oil for medicinal or therapeutic use is made up of CBD concentrate extracted from hemp plants mixed with a ‘carrier oil’ such as olive or coconut oil, and the concentration of CBD is controlled. It is legal to sell CBD oils as wellness supplements if they do not contain a detectable amount of THC, and they have novel food authorisation (more on that later). Currently, CBD oils cannot legally contain a detectable amount of THC. You can purchase CBD products without a prescription in pharmacies, online and in health food shops, in a variety of forms, from oils and tinctures to chocolate bars and cosmetics.

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CBD products come in a variety of forms, from oils
and tinctures to chocolate bars and cosmetics

The rising visibility of CBD products has stimulated debate among the public and medical professionals, so now The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) answers your questions about what CBD is, its potential benefits, its possible risks, its legal difficulties, and how to use it successfully and safely.