cbd wax uk

Cbd wax uk

If the sheer quality wasn’t enough, we stock this crumble in a variety of delicious terpene profile flavours which you can select from our dropdown. Just choose your favourite and you can’t go wrong!

Don’t miss out, get your hands on this fantastic CBD & CBG Crumble! In its original state it’s a staggering 99.9% pure before being infused with 5% terpenes. This makes it a premium crumble that’s got a purity of 85% CBD & 10% CBG, so order yours today!


To suit your needs, pick from 250mg to 10g CBD concentration in the crumble before choosing one of the delicious flavours.

Lab tested and certified

The concentration of CBD & CBG in this crumbles has been certified by a third party after being tested in a lab to be over 99.9% pure, prior to the organic terpenes being added.

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Wide range of flavours

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As a crumble, it has a range of uses depending on your needs; dab it, add it to e-liquids, vape direct.

Cbd wax uk

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