cbd water tincture

Cbd water tincture

The most powerful benefit of water soluble CBD is that it delivers a higher absorption rate. Consequently, this means that your products will provide an increased effectiveness per dosage. Less is truly more and your customers will have the advantage of more CBD in their system and less of the product will be wasted! The quality and efficacy of Water Soluble CBD Products can be a factor in establishing your brand in the forefront of the industry.

The SEDDS VESIsorb ® formulation technology allows the hemp extract to be absorbed through the lymphatic system pathway rather than through the gastrointestinal tract. VESIsorb ® is actually a naturally self-assembling colloidal droplet delivery system that powerfully enhances the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, like CBD, both in demonstrating dramatically increased blood plasma levels as well as a faster absorption rate.

Increased Bioavailability:

Our water soluble CBD evenly distributes for accurate testing and tests accurately on Third Party Tests.

For topical personal care products, the enhanced absorption of water soluble CBD means the efficacy of your brand’s topical products will be increased. Additionally, VESIsorb ® Water Soluble CBD successfully addresses oxidative stability, shelf life and uniformity of dispersion in the delivery medium.

What Are The Main Benefits OF Water Soluble CBD Products?

When it comes to crafting your brand’s CBD products, you might want to explore the possibility of using a broad spectrum oil + VESIsorb or our 35% CBD – 99% Isolate + VESIsorb.

Cbd water tincture

Do you smoke a CBD pre-rolls or CBD Cigarette? How do you decide which one to smoke? CBD cigarettes and CBD pre-fills are both used for an enjoyable smoke, but how do you know which one suits your style more? Find out of all the differences between the products, the most comparable is the design and consistency.

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With the explosion of innovation coming from the legal cannabis industry, many consumers are switching over to hemp made alternatives to traditional tobacco-based products. People are realizing you can enjoy the same smokable experiences without exposing themselves to harmful unwanted chemicals. One of the most popular of these products are hemp wraps. These products are spreading like wildfire across the country, but many still have questions about their function and what makes them different from traditional tobacco wraps. In fact, the biggest question on people’s mind is “Do hemp wraps get you high?”

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