cbd water soluble powder

Thanks to their convenience, water soluble options are becoming increasingly popular in the CBD industry, but a few products stand out from the rest. Here are 5 of the best options to try, including powders and tinctures.

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What's different about water soluble CBD is the delivery system. Some individuals find oil drops to be a little cumbersome, or perhaps they don't care for the earthy hemp flavor. Water soluble CBD is much easier to incorporate into a meal or your favorite beverage—whether that's a smoothie, a juice, or a glass of water.

Since these nanoparticles are much smaller than typical CBD particles, some people believe that the body absorbs them easier, resulting in a faster and more comprehensive effect. However, opposing views state that there is no research to validate these claims, and some believe nano CBD may actually be less effective. For this reason, we lean more towards CBD powders when opting for a water soluble option—though we've included both product styles, below, to meet the need of CBD users who prefer a tincture option.

What is water soluble CBD?

There are a number of ways to take CBD, and water soluble is the latest innovative method designed to provide an easy and convenient delivery system. This type mixes well with liquids, which is something that traditional CBD oil drops can't accomplish (oil and water don't mix well because the difference in density is too great).

Looking for a CBD oil that can be mixed into the food or beverage of your choice? The hydro tincture from Big Sky is a perfect marriage of convenience and effectiveness. This broad-spectrum CBD offers all of the cannabis benefits you crave, minus any THC. Made from organic American hemp, Big Sky products are rigorously tested to ensure high standards of quality. This product is available in three concentrations: 250, 750, and 1,500 milligrams of CBD per bottle.

To make water soluble CBD oil, cannabinoid particles must be broken down into "nanoparticles." This process of nano-emulsification is actually pretty common in the pharmaceutical industry, but it's a little newer among CBD products.

How is water soluble CBD oil made?

Liweli is vertically integrated from farmer to pack. Also, all products come with a happiness guarantee, so you can try these CBD drinks risk free.

If you prefer a drink mixture, another solid option hails from Prima. This company offers three water soluble CBD drink blends—one to help you “rest easy,” one for “brain fuel,” and an “instant zen” formula to promote calm. Each powder packet contains 15 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD, plus other common plant extracts, like chamomile, to help your body in a natural way. You can purchase the blends separately or opt for the Trifecta bundle to try them all at a lower cost.

Water soluble CBD – a step into the future

The powder has a uniform crystal size and can be used in cold or hot drinks or in a dry powdered mix with other ingredients. This food grade ingredient is therefore ideal to use in ready-to-drink powders.

Candropharm’s International water soluble CBD-powder is an isolate which has been extracted to its purest CBD form and comes without any detectable levels of THC (LOQ< 0,005%). This powder is the ideal industrial solution for developing and producing CBD infused beverages and drinks. Candropharm’s CBD isolate is the base material used in the manufacturing process of the water soluble CBD-powder. This pharmaceutical grade CBD-Isolate is the industry frontrunner, used in hundreds of different products worldwide.

The market of ready-to-drink shots, powdered mixes and exclusive cosmetics is growing at a double digit rate in many countries. Water soluble CBD powder has a range of applications and can be used as a secondary component with, for example, melatonin, vitamins or proteins. This enables producers to stand out from the competition by bringing versatile new products to market.

The powder has no artificial flavourings, additives, colours or preservatives and is allergen free.