cbd vape oil canada

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Cannaffex offers CBD Vape Juice in Canada otherwise known as E-Liquid or E-Juice. It features all-natural organic hemp derived NON-GMO CBD extract which can be purchased with or without nicotine. Experience the therapeutic effects that CBD has to offer more efficiently and much quicker. All CBD vape juice we offer does not contain any thickeners such as Vitamin E Acetate and all of our ingredients are USP and Food Grade approved so you know you are getting the very best.

It is important to keep in mind that the products we offer are not CBD Oil for vaping. It is CBD Vape Juice, a mixture of Vegetable Glycerin and or Propylene Glycol mixed with organic NON-GMO hemp derived CBD mixed with a variety of beneficial cannabis terpenes and flavanoids to bolster CBD’s effect on your body. There is no vaping of oil. Oil is used as a carrier for CBD usually found in sublingual tinctures. There is no advantages to vaping oil compared to vape juice and vape juice is much better on your hardware as it is not as thick of a liquid.