cbd toilet paper

Cbd toilet paper

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Nordic Botanics makes CBD infused toilet paper and states that “you can wipe your problems away”. The infusions on average are 1MG per 1 ply sheet. There is some anecdotal evidence suggesting CBD can help with constipation and digestive problems, due to its calming effect on muscles from tension. To date, there are no studies that prove that toilet paper can transfer CBD into the skin via a wiping motion.

Hemp/ CBD Toilet Paper

Hemp is everywhere and it should be. Hemp is a miracle plant that can be used for just about everything. The hemp industry continues to see record breaking results in growth:

Cbd toilet paper

Considering CBD is recognized to combat insomnia, stress and relieve acute pain conditions, a brand called Royal Heritage Home has released its CBD-infused bed sheets and pet beds, hoping to give users a better sleep each night.

Similiar to tobacco chew, simply place a Cannadip between your cheek and gum, swallow saliva and keep the pouch in the mouth for anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours for the full effect.


Like a growing infant, CBD is still young and curious. And because there are still so many things to figure out about CBD products and the future of the industry, brands will seemingly produce nearly anything that they think consumers want and need — and we found 12 of the wildest CBD products that might just pique your interest.

Add a little extra green to your minty fresh toothpaste with AXIM Biotechnologies' Oraximax, a CBD toothpaste that brings added benefits that generic brands cannot compete with.


Available in six flavors — menthol, cinnamint, mango mint, lemongrass, passion fruit and coffee — Ignite's CBD toothpicks are not just designed to help get all that extra gunk out of your teeth, but, instead, hopefully add a little gum relief, too.


8. Hemp Toilet Paper (Hempies)