cbd to treat crps

Cbd to treat crps

CRPS is a chronic condition that is typically triggered by a traumatic injury to a limb, but the pain does not subside as would usually happen during a usual recovery. Those suffering from CRPS tend to experience pain that is greatly amplified and disproportionate to the severity of the injury itself and it can be catastrophic for many.

CRPS is a poorly understood condition and therefore difficult to treat. There is no known cure for CRPS, however, a combination of physical treatments, medication and psychological support can help to manage symptoms.

CBD and pain relief for CRPS

CBD is legal in the UK, however the law states that the product has to meet certain criteria to be lawfully available for human consumption. Primarily CBD oil must not contain any trace of THC to be legally sold in the UK (it’s the THC that’s present in the cannabis plant that gets you high). Many CBD products on the high street aren’t always properly authorised, therefore it’s best to buy them from trusted websites, pharmacies or stores and to speak to your doctor before taking CBD products.

Is CBD legal?

Many people use CBD to relieve pain. CBD works in three main ways:

Cbd to treat crps

Medication is another method that physicians often choose to implement when treating a CRPS patient. There have been no drugs approved specifically for CRPS by either the USA’s FDA or the MHRRA in the UK. Common medications for the condition include:

○ Changes in nails

Although there are few studies that have specifically explored the relationship between CBD and CRPS itself, there have been a number of promising studies that have looked into cannabis and its ability to provide pain relief to sufferers of CRPS.

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CRPS is an elusive illness which is hard to diagnose, and it is difficult to definitively treat. CBD and medical cannabis could present an excellent solution to CRPS patients, and the side effects are substantially less than horrific medications such as opioids. This means that the medication that the patient uses over an extended period does not have a detrimental long-term effect on their health and is not addictive.

CRPS is shorthand for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for which the most prescribed medications can be addictive or harmful if they are used for an extended period. Therefore, an increasing number of people are turning to CBD and medical cannabis to try to treat their symptoms of CRPS. CBD is not addictive, and a tolerance doesn’t develop over time. It is important to note at this juncture that CBD does not get you high or have any psychoactive impact on the user.

How is CRPS Diagnosed?

The known common triggers of CRPS are:

Rehabilitation therapy is an exercise program for CRPS and helps to keep your limbs moving and improve blood flow. By increasing your blood flow, you can decrease the impact of the circulatory symptoms you are experiencing. These exercises can improve your strength, flexibility and the function of your limbs.