cbd syrup reddit

Cbd syrup reddit

put a pot on the stove with water in it and then put a bowl inside that(google double boiler) and pour your agave nectar or corn syrup into the top bowl thats in the hot water. You want to keep the heat around 6 which for me is about 205f.

Yeah man if you want to make something you can eat you can do it for much less than 100$. like the other poster said you can take cbd isolate from cbdistillery , phytodabs, isodiol, jacbd or someone you trust and mix it with coconut oil or alcohol. So if you used 1000mg in 500ml of oil/alcohol you would have a concentration of 2mg per ml you can adjust the potency as you want. If you need any more help just ask.

Or you can buy it from www.ThePurpPlug.com its CBD lean, I've purchased a few bottles and it's really good

what you want to do is get some everclear and then agave/corn syrup and put your cbd into the everclear and let it dissolve

I would think all one has to do is dissolve some cbd isolate into mct oil, usually coconut, and then mix that into whatever syrup base they want. Keep track of all the mls and mgs of everything so you can dose accordingly. I sincerely doubt you need to spend a few hundred dollars on this information.

these other people don't understand what you mean

So you put the syrup in and then you pour the everclear cbd tincture in and mix it in. keep stirring until the alcohol boils out/mostly boils out(Don't keep it on heat for too long or syrup will overthicken) and then remove from heat, add your flavoring, then pour into your bottle you're keeping it in.

Cbd syrup reddit

Lean is a serious problem where I live and opiates ruin people's lives. Not sure why you'd want to associate your weed with that.

This is a great idea! I have been trying to think of a way to create a Mio type syrup with THC and other cannabinoids in it but that would mean me turning the THC/CBD water solulable. How did they do this? Can somebody with some science explain since THC is not water solulable?

Why market it in the same way as lean?

I don't market it at all. It was a sample given to me to try. I am in no way associated with the manufacturer, and generally I agree with you on most of your points. However, I also understand that there are many people who are interested in alternative means of ingesting their medicine (especially those who can't smoke/vape) and I think a syrup style edible is certainly a viable option. Much like tinctures and topical applications, this may not be for everyone. These days I feel much the same way about dabs. Why associate it with other drugs that require a torch and elaborate means of set up/use. Meth is a huge problem here in Hawaii, and many associate dabs with meth based solely on the application. But I tend to put the holier than thou, "what ever happened to just smoking weed" purist side on the back burner, and try to appreciate the products for what they bring to the table.