cbd suppositories

Cbd suppositories

50mg broad-spectrum extract from USDA organic-certified, regeneratively-grown USA hemp (CBD)

The Sexiest (and Most Sustainable) Way to Wrap

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Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD

We take “clean” to a whole new level. Not only do all of our Intimacy formulas use 100% all-natural and organic botanicals, they have no fragrances, additives, or synthetic anything – ever.

Cbd suppositories

Relief CBD Suppositories are formulated for relief during your period, and can be used vaginally or rectally. Each CBD suppository delivers 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD right where you need it.

What They’re Saying

View a summary of test results for each CBD suppository batch here.

Foria Purity & Sustainability

Elevate your hips and insert the suppository as deeply as possible, and allow some time for the CBD to absorb into the local tissues.