cbd suppositories for cramps

Cbd suppositories for cramps

At 7:30 p.m. on day one, I tried another vaginal suppository, this time by Endoca. By this point, I was at heavy flow.

By 4:30 p.m., just over four hours after insertion, my digestive track was feeling great and I wasn’t feeling any pain whatsoever. I felt a lot better this day than the day prior, and believe the anal insertion made a big difference compared to vaginal.

At 3:30 p.m., three and a half hours after insertion, I feel less pain.


The first full day of my period is a combination of lethargy, distraction, and overall irritation, combined with IBS issues.

If you’ve ever wanted to try THC suppositories for menstrual cramps, don’t live in a state with recreational pot, and can’t seem to qualify for a medical card: Check out CBD suppositories.

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At 12:15 p.m. the next day, I inserted a suppository anally. This was the first time I ever used any type of anal suppository, and it was a pretty uncomfortable experience. It was a strange sensation to insert but ultimately it fit like a glove.

Here is the product break down of my two-day-long experiment.

Cbd suppositories for cramps

There is basic scientific evidence, however, that CBD plays a role in reducing neuroinflammation in the body. This is where the theory that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties comes from, along with the idea that it could potentially help with period pain, Clarke said.

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Does CBD help with menstrual cramps?

Clarke echoed this stance and said that people should consult their doctors if they’re experiencing severe pain before experimenting with an unregulated product.

“I think the theory is fine, but do we have hardcore evidence that CBD works for endometriosis or menstrual pain?” Clarke said to Global News. “I don’t think we do.”

What, exactly, is a CBD suppository?

According to research led by the University of Guelph, women who practice douching or use vaginal gels, washes and wipes are more likely to experience some type of vaginal infection. In other words, putting foreign substances inside your vagina may cause an unpleasant reaction.