cbd suckers

Cbd suckers

CBD Lollipop is a great way to relax while enjoying a sweet treat. What does a CBD Lollipop do exactly? CBD Lollipop is a delicious hard candy infused with CBD.

Written By Jerry Zhou – December 29 2019

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If you are wondering how much CBD you should take, we have a general guide for you. It depends mostly on body weight, but other factors may also come into play.

Cbd suckers

Cost: $85/24

Cost: $10/1

Get a box of 60 suckers, each with 10 mg of CBD. The company promises that all of them are free of THC. They’re available in several flavors including blue dream, lemon OG, strawberry, tangie, gelato, and OG kush.

Cost: $34.99/3

Cost: $20/2