cbd squidgy black

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Cbd squidgy black

You may be asking: ‘Wait, but Rosin is Gold? and Trichomes are clear? Why is Squidgy Black, black? This colour change is caused but the rubbing process where the resin gland oxidizes and become darker.

While in the UK, Hash seems like an underground alternative to cannabis which is born out of prohibition, hash (then called Hashish) is one of the oldest forms of cannabis. It was smoked, traded and eaten by ancient Indian merchants as far back as recorded history goes back.

Sometimes you can find Pollen Hash which has a slight tinge of green. While it is not something to worry about, it shows poor workmanship and may be of poorer quality compared to the clearer version.

What is Pollen Hash?

Compared to a flush beautiful bud that is more common these days, in the past, most of us who smoked regularly would have to settle for wildly varying levels of mind-melting tar to put in the pipe.

The final hash to talk about is often referred to as ‘soap hash’ or ‘soap bar hash’. The reason for the name is due to its texture and consistency. It is upsettingly the most common form of hash that is found in the UK, thanks to prohibition and the unregulated underground market.

What is Hash?

If you have been around long enough, you will likely be quite familiar with the term ‘Squidgy Black’ which refers to a bizarre-looking brown/black brick, of dubious origins. The black matter is a processed cannabis product called Hash.

Hash is produced using the thick resin and trichomes which cover cannabis (why the buds can be sticky). The glands in the surface of the bid contain a whole range of wonderful chemicals but the important one is THC, which is what makes cannabis psychoactive.