cbd speedway gas station

Cbd speedway gas station

The reason? Look no further than Wall Street’s projections calling for a roughly fourfold to sixfold increase in global marijuana sales between 2018 and 2029 or 2030 (depending on the source and estimate). If these growth figures prove accurate, the legal weed industry could be capable of average annual growth in the double digits for well over a decade.

This U.S. multistate cannabis operator just landed a game-changing cannabidiol distribution deal.

The press release notes that AATAC is a large trade association for independent convenience stores and gas stations, with approximately 50,000 members representing nearly 90,000 locations across the country, and reaching roughly 60% of the U.S. market. Even though many of these stores are branded as Chevron, Shell, ARCO, BP, Sunoco, or 76 (to name a few of the better-known AATAC members), they’re usually operated by independent owners. Harvest Health will be reaching more than 10,000 of these locations by this summer, but may hit up to 30,000 locations with its CBD products by the end of the year.

CBD products may be headed to a gas-station convenience store near you

To date, a number of brand-name retailers have begun carrying CBD products, mostly in topical form. This includes pharmacies such as CVS Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Rite Aid, as well as Designer Brands, the designer-shoe retailer formerly known as DSW.

Cbd speedway gas station

You can also read customer reviews of the company and contact the brand directly if you have any issues with their products.

If you absolutely must, Google the CBD brand you saw at the gas station and see if it has a reputable-looking website with viewable third-party test reports. But we still recommend buying CBD oil online.

Gas Station CBD Typically Contains CBD Isolate

Short answer: no. Although gas station CBD can work, it’s usually of low quality. It often contains less CBD than advertised on the label and has a higher chance of having unsafe THC levels and contaminants.

The Best Gas Station CBD Brands

The bottom line is that gas station CBD products have a high chance of being unsafe and containing less CBD than advertised. You have no way of knowing for sure.