cbd spam texts

Scammers specifically target you hoping to gain access to your account so they can make changes, order equipment, or obtain personal information.

To find out more about reporting fraud, check out our Resources page.

Common Text Scams

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Report Suspicious Activity

More criminals are using text messages to try to get you to give them information. This is called SMiShing because texts are SMS or "short message system" messages.

They can even make it look like a legitimate organisation is contacting you via text or a messaging app by using identity masking technology to change the name displayed as the sender. This is known as ‘number spoofing’.

2 Report a nuisance text

If you get sent am unexpected message, it’s important you're sure it's legitimate. Read more about how to spot a scam message in our free guide.

Report a nuisance call

The threshold at which the ICO is allowed to act has been lowered and they have the power to fine companies up to £500,000 that break the rules on unsolicited texts and phone calls.