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Cherry Wine Hemp Flower is our smoker’s choice. Most noteworthy, is Cherry Wine’s smooth smoke and great flavor. The overall presentation of this perfected strain brings great satisfaction to our bud curator.

The mid size and small green moderately tight buds packed with trichomes and peach colored pistils. Cherry Wine hemp flower smokable buds are sparkly and full of resin. We fully cure our smokables for a smooth and easy smoke. There are minimal seeds. Our hemp flower is grown outside in Western Colorado. We are grateful for lots of fresh mountain water and clean air.

Cherry Wine hemp flower characteristics:

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RMA Labs testing results::

Smoking CBD hemp offers a great flavor experience but does not get you high. Many people find it a relaxing and calming. Scientifically speaking, the cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp flower are being studied for an array of health benefits. The FDA has approved one CBD based treatment.

The reported effects of the Cherry Wine Hemp Strain are feelings of relaxation and euphoria. For those who have used the Cherry Wine strain, there are reported positive effects for muscle soreness, stress, and body pain.

The taste of the Cherry Wine strain delivers an interesting combination of both citrus and sweet. While Cherry Wine CBD flower can have a sweet cherry taste with hints of citrus, our own Cherry Wine grown in the Catskill Mountains adds the rich aroma of cantaloupe in addition to cloves, rosemary, and hops. Two plants grown side by side can have very different taste profiles.

In the field Cherry Wine plant can range from light green to dark purple. The flowers have hints of yellow and orange hairs with a wide range of dense and fluffy nugs. During harvest Cherry Wine can be very sticky!

Cherry Wine Terpenes

Cherry Wine Hemp Flower is a coveted and popular strain that combines the genetics of Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife. The strain is known for its complex cherry taste and strong effects and is a preferred strain for CBD hemp flower users. Cherry Wine is the very first CBD hemp flower strain we grew here at Scotch Valley Ranch so we have a special affection for this plant.

Consumers says that the Cherry Wine CBD hemp strain delivers the following:

Cherry Wine Strain Aroma

Secreted in the same plant glands that produce cannabinoids like THC and CBD, terpenes are aromatic oils that color cannabis varieties with distinctive flavors like cantaloupe, citrus, diesel, mint, and pine. Here are the top terpenes in our Cherry Wine hemp strain:

CBD hemp flower comes in dozens of different strains, each of which delivers a distinct taste, effects, and sensations. In this post we highlight a popular CBD hemp flower strain, Cherry Wine, covering taste, aroma, beneficial terpenes, and the effects of the strain, as reviewed by others.