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Santa Cruz Tsunami flower has a well-rounded aroma, smells like a wildflower when in full bloom.

Santa Cruz Tsunami is the result of 8 years of research and breeding of all CBD strains. It was created by growing strains and taking seeds from all CBD and pollinating each mother. Working closely with Labs I was able to develop this amazing strain. Santa Cruz Tsunami has been tested and used for seizures, cancer and Bell’s Palsy with great results. There are CBD strains coming from Hemp and Sativa. Tested side by side, Santa Cruz Tsunami stands out. I been told several times there is something special about SCT but for now we have no way of testing everything in this amazing CBD strain. Most people do not understand that the proper CBD/THC ratios are only one component in creating a beneficial medicine. Through extensive research, Santa Cruz Tsunami was developed by creating perfect combinations that work together to deliver greater healing benefits.

Oral History

Cbd santa cruz

The deal follows on a long line of CBD licensing agreements in recent months. In Oct., Authentic Brands Group, brokered a deal between golfer Greg Norman and Green Growth Brands. Abacus Health Products also recently partnered with former Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski for a line CBD product.

Canada House Wellness Group. has announced that Abba Medix, its wholly owned subsidiary, has entered an exclusive licensing agreement with California-based SCM Tech to bring Santa Cruz Medicinals brand of CBD-infused health care product lines to Canadian consumers.

Abba Medix will license SCM’s intellectual property including formulations, manufacturing techniques, trademarks and marketing materials. The deal was signed Nov. 13.

All recent CBD products come following the legalization of hemp-derived CBD in the U.S earlier this year. Studies on the effects of CBD from groups like Aurora Cannabis and the UFC have shown potential for using the substance to treat pain and improve recovery time.