cbd push caps

Cbd push caps

Karma Culture has announced the launch of Karma CBD Water, a unique cannabinoid-based beverage that was developed in partnership with Canopy Growth Corp, a leading Canadian cannabis company.

Karma Culture Releases Nutrient-Packed Karma CBD Water

Karma CBD Water will be made available in five natural flavors: Cranberry Lime, Blueberry Yuzu, Blood Orange Papaya, Watermelon Dragonfruit, and Lavender Orange.

The new beverage will feature Karma Culture’s patented push cap technology, which will ensure that the active CBD included in each bottle maintains its optimal potency. This unique innovation separates Karma CBD Water from similar products that rely on twist-on caps.

Cbd push caps

Don’t wait to begin your journey to a healthy and robust life. Use CBD Pushcaps to infuse, hydrate, and restore!

Each of these pushcaps have been infused with a citrus flavored mix that delivers 99% Pure CBD for instant delivery of the great benefits of Cannabidiol. Unlike energy drinks or other artificially flavored waters, not only are you hydrating your system, but also receiving the benefits of a natural product that promotes healthy systems.

1) Firmly snap PushCap® on to your favorite spring water.
2) Thumb Push top of PushCap® to release Pure CBD flavored mix.
3) Shake it up to mix the fresh ingredients.
4) Remove PushCap® drink and enjoy. Recycle when done!

Available in:
– 10mg Caps
– 25mg caps

CBD Pushcaps work similar to infuser bottles that are cropping up at stores all over the world. Each pushcap turns an ordinary water bottle into a delicious, healthy drink that you can take with you throughout your day. Simply place the cap over your bottle of water, push to release the flavored CBD mix, shake, and remove the cap. It’s that easy to have a tasty but also healthy liquid beverage.

Cbd push caps

Karma’s President Jeff Platt explains: “Every bottle of Karma contains unprecedented levels of active ingredients, which are then made more effective by the patented Push Cap technology. In contrast, all too often the active ingredients in premixed drinks deteriorate and underdeliver on their promise.”

Karma CBD Water is crafted with Canopy Growth’s Broad Spectrum CBD distillate made from US Hemp Biomass. It is infused with 25mg of antioxidant-rich CBD distillate, plus four adaptogens and seven vitamins. The Push Cap technology allows consumers to release the active cannabis constituents into the water seconds before consumption to ensure optimal potency.

Both Karma and Canopy Growth are strategic partners of alcohol giant Constellation Brands, and the market entrance of Karma CBD Water ‘highlights the power of collaboration between emerging businesses with distinct consumer value propositions within the ecosystem in which the three brands operate’.

Karma CBD Water will be available in five natural flavors: Cranberry Lime, Blueberry Yuzu, Blood Orange Papaya, Lavender Orange and Watermelon Dragonfruit.

The beverage has been developed in partnership with Canada’s Canopy Growth Corporation, another strategic partner of Constellation Brands (in which it has a 38.6% stake).