cbd prestige wholesale prospect sa

Cbd prestige wholesale prospect sa

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28 Main North Road
SA 5082
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Establishment and car dealer at 28 Main North Road, Prospect, SA 5082, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about CBD Prestige wholesale: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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My Experience: — Not found key blades in both keys, notified- no answer, in order to program these keys as pretty expensive, Be careful!!

3) Always check the all accessories, tool sets etc. if you come to know that you missed something from the car after the sale, you won’t get it from him.
My experience: — After few weeks I came to know that “Tyre replacing tool sets “was completely missing under the boot of the car and once notified, he never attends my phone calls.
4) Nowadays branded cars are comes with smart keys and please make sure the keys has got the ’ emergency key blade ‘(usually once you open the smart key, you can find it inside)

We hope this justifies the actions taken.

but I came to know later that both were wrong, it was came from Queensland and had two previous owners!!
2) Careful with the advertised model year, the business owner usually advertised the car with later year.
My experience: My car was advertised as 2010 My 2011 model but actually the car was built on 2009(The model of the car is legally considered by its built year)

we are sorry that you were unable to conduct business with us. Unfortunately, in this situation we are unable to hold the vehicle with no deposit or contract. In the finance process we need either a deposit or contract to confirm the vehicle is subject to finance. Furthermore, finance processed outside of our own financial solutions cannot be confirmed to complete the deal and hence we cannot confirm the vehicle will be sold to you.

Hi Florian, sorry to hear that you feel that we provided an untimely service. We strive to treat our customers in the best way possible. We are sorry for the lack of communication, however we are all busy and were unable to speak with you at the time regarding the matter. The repairs you paid for were reimbursed to the value deemed accurate by our mechanic.

Conclusion : Always go with RAA pre purchase checking, check the vin plate for the year the car was built, go through all records and previous owners/location details and make sure all accessories and components are comes along with car.
PS: I can provide all the evidences to support my comments.

being wrong and he confusing tried to explain it was the wrong sticker, whether or not that was true I have no idea.
This was where it all started, the ad said there were no imperfections at all and after driving nearly 2 hours to view the car we were pretty disappointed to see the car had clearly been backed into something (the roof spoiler paint was chipped and antenna was snapped completely off, resulting in no radio) I asked why the ad lied and the owner shakingly stuttered that he had ordered an antenna he was just waiting for it to arrive and he said he had organised for a paint shop to fix the paint chip.
We test drove the car and decided we would buy it, provided there was some sort of price reduction taking into consideration we would have to fix some issues. When it came time to negotiate we were handed over to a Ukrainian young lad who's English was awful, he struggled to explain what all the extra cost meant and what exactly we were paying for. We agreed on $11,900 cash drive away… IF AND ONLY IF he took the car to get the paint fix during the week and if he got the antenna replacement installed. He said no worries he will order the antenna that day.. strange considering I was told it had been ordered and was just waiting to arrive. We took the car home and called them everday asking if the part had arrived for a week and a half it was a different excuse 'i have to order it' 'just waiting for it to arrive'. 2 weeks later we called and the owner said come in tomorrow morning we will be able to fix it we have the antenna. We drove the 2 hours there and he said 'oh i have to go pick it up from the other side of the city can you come back tomorrow'. A few more days of calling went by still full of BS.
Finally he said come in we 100% have it and we've got a paint guy ready to fix the chip. We dropped the car off and the paint chip looked like someone had put some white nail polish over it, it looked worse then before also the antenna had been replaced with a non genuine VW one even though the whole time they said they had to drive to the volkswagen dealership to pick it up. To top it off the radio did not pick up signal and upon further inspection I found out the antenna had not even been conected just chucked on to make it look fixed. The headliner had also been completely bent back resulting in a crease in what would otherwise be a faultless car.
I am not one to write a review but this service was just absolutely disgusting especially when spending upwards of 12k cash on the spot. I would not advise anyone to buy a car from these footloops god only knows what sort of dodgy tricks they've done to make a luxury car look pretty.