cbd prescription florida

Cbd prescription florida

But with recent legislative action, we finally have some clarity.

Senate Bill 1020 Passed Unanimously

If you make use of CBD oil for anxiety, back pain, or as a sleep-aid, you may run into troubles with your employer and with the DOH.

How Does This Affect Current Drug Testing For THC?

This is because products with concentrations of THC that are higher than 0.3% fall outside of the definition of “hemp” and are therefore considered a controlled substance under both federal and state law.

“It’s no man’s land right now,” said Kramer.”I mean that’s really where she got caught, it’s no man’s land.”

‘It’s no man’s land:’ Experts say hemp law in limbo


“Commissioner (Nikki) Fried has fought for increased access to cannabis for years. She’s proud to be a champion for cannabis and for CBD products that can improve quality of life for sick and suffering Floridians,” state Agriculture Department spokesman Franco Ripple said earlier this month. “However, CBD and cannabis derivatives as defined by Florida statute 893.02 are currently not legal for sale in Florida.”