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CBD Nation examines the real research and evidence surrounding one of the safest, most therapeutically active medicines known to humanity. The documentary features the world’s leading experts in the field of cannabis scientific research, and follows the emotional stories of several patients who bravely took control of their own medical journeys – often in the face of powerful resistance – to significantly improve their quality of life. Over the last several decades, the US government quietly published numerous studies and reports revealing cannabis to be a safe, non-addictive, effective treatment for depression, nausea, tumor reduction, glaucoma, opiate withdrawals, epileptic seizures, and many other conditions. In 1999 the U.S Department of Health filed patent number 6,630,507 for the use of compounds found inside the cannabis plant – with a strong emphasis on CBD – as a potential treatment for many medical conditions.

Cbd praha

It’s getting quite popular here for vending machines to sell CBD oil products and especially “CBD flowers” which have the appearance of a cannabis plant bud but which are in fact just CBD infused with the legal amount of THC. If they were real cannabis they’d be breaking the law. My advice is to use a shop like Mr 420, not a vending machine.

Cannabis law has evolved and is still evolving. In 1993 while the production and sale of cannabis was criminalised, the ownership and use of cannabis was in fact legal but there was always a question of volume. Regulation 469 passed in 2009 stated that a “small amount” of drugs could be dealt with as a misdemeanour but it wasn’t until 2013 that the Czech Republic defined what constituted a “small amount” of Prague Cannabis. They set the figure at 15 grams but when tested in court in 2014 there was an interpretation that 10 grams of “dried” cannabis also qualified as a small amount. Since May 2021 the legal interpretation of “greater than a small amount” is based on the circumstances. So what does that mean? It means that it is illegal to carry cannabis but that if you are only carrying up to 15 grams then the police can issue a fixed-penalty fine and at the time of writing this is CZK1000. More than 15 grams and you will start to enter the legal interpretation area which if “dealing” is suspected will result in a criminal offence.

CBD Vending Machine Products can be found in shops and supermarkets. The prices are in CZK

The legal interpretation is that “personal use” is possession of 5 cannabis plants that do not have a THC content above 0.3% and if you meet these requirements then it’s still a misdemeanour and you can receive a fixed-penalty fine. There is a law trying to get through parliament that would allow the 5 home-grown plants to be legal but we’re not there yet.

Can You Grow Your Own If It’s Only For Personal Use?

After I wrote about the Prague Red Light District I had a few interesting emails not just about that but also about other “services” so I thought I’d write about a common question that comes up on my Walking Tours which will be “is cannabis legal in Prague?”. Because many shops will appear to have cannabis products in the window and in some open spaces like parks there’s a definite whiff in the air. Here’s how to understand what are your Prague Cannabis and CBD options, legality issues, prices, terminology and where you can buy. The beginning of the post is about CBD/CBG and further down is about cannabis.

Wenceslas Square often comes up as a place of last resort for people looking for Prague cannabis but expect poorer quality product. Do not ask bar staff for recommendations on where to buy because they’ll be fired if they help you. Contact MJ’s Czech Smokers Facebook Page for some realistic buying options.

You will see signs for CBD all over the place. CBD can be extracted both from Marijuana and Hemp. CBD (Cannabidiol) is supposed to be the non psycho-active part and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is supposed to be the psychoactive-addictive part. But in reality all CBD products will contain a trace element of THC and the Czech Republic sets the upper limit at 0.3% of content to be able to legally sell a CBD product. So that means everything on sale with the leaf on it has been infused in some way with CBD oil which contains no more than 0.3% THC by volume. Don’t be worried about THC, it’s actually required for you to get any benefits from the CBD part. In general, for smokers then CBD flowers give the better experience and are the least expensive at less than CZK200 for 0.5 grams but note that this would be the average price for buying real cannabis here.

Prague Cannabis Laws and Penalties

If you are researching this then you will have stumbled across the abbreviation ECS which stands for Endocannbinoid System. In short, it’s how this drug influences your body. CBD effects are well documented including decreasing anxiety, aiding sleep and reducing pain by influencing your CB1 nerve receptor. However, you have another receptor called CB2 which overlaps CB1 but is thought also to include individual organs and body systems. The jury is out on what influences what but some are pushing CBG as being “better for you”.

If you’re in a social environment then a gram of Prague cannabis might be as little as CZK100 but in reality as a tourist walking up to a stranger be prepared to pay CZK400 or more for a gram.