cbd post concussion

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been generating increasing interest in medicine due to its therapeutic properties and an apparent lack of negative side effects. Research has suggested that high dosages of CBD can be taken acutely and chronically with little to no risk. This review focuses on the neuroprotective effects of a CBD, with an emphasis on its implications for recovering from a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion. CBD has been shown to influence the endocannabinoid system, both by affecting cannabinoid receptors and other receptors involved in the endocannabinoid system such as vanilloid receptor 1, adenosine receptors, and 5-hydroxytryptamine via cannabinoid receptor-independent mechanisms. Concussions can result in many physiological consequences, potentially resulting in post-concussion syndrome. While impairments in cerebrovascular and cardiovascular physiology following concussion have been shown, there is unfortunately still no single treatment available to enhance recovery. CBD has been shown to influence the blood brain barrier, brain-derived neurotrophic factors, cognitive capacity, the cerebrovasculature, cardiovascular physiology, and neurogenesis, all of which have been shown to be altered by concussion. CBD can therefore potentially provide treatment to enhance neuroprotection by reducing inflammation, regulating cerebral blood flow, enhancing neurogenesis, and protecting the brain against reactive oxygen species. Double-blind randomized controlled trials are still required to validate the use of CBD as medication following mild TBIs, such as concussion.

Keywords: Cannabidiol; Cerebrovasculature; Concussion; Endocannabinoid; Neuroprotection.

Cbd post concussion

In fact, it is also strongly recommended that you always seek medical help even in the absence of the above symptoms. This is because it can often take days, or even weeks, for the symptoms to manifest.

What Are the Symptoms of Concussion?

Frustratingly, concussion cannot be diagnosed by any type of brain scan. The most likely path for diagnosis as it stands is the answering of a standardised questionnaire related to potential symptoms.

How Do You Diagnose Concussion?

The vast majority of research carried out into the relationship between cannabis & concussion has been limited to animal studies. A 2012 study on rats discovered that administering CBD after a brain injury had a long-lasting, positive effect on the brain and it reduced the severity of the injury. It also helped to restore neurological function.