cbd orange

Cbd orange

The company’s proprietary process produces molecularly identical CBD without THC or toxic impurities commonly found in cannabis and hemp-derived products. The oil from Peels has been awarded and certified by Clean Label Project.

The company Peels has launched a CBD oil made from orange peels. Peels was founded by National Football League veteran Chris Hetherington, who serves as the company’s chief executive officer.

Peels’ process of deriving CBD from orange peels is called cyclic terpene assembly, a proprietary technique for combining organic molecules. This process combines terpenes from orange peels with olivetol, a naturally occurring organic compound, under heat and pressure in the presence of a catalyst.

Hetherington said because his company’s product is made from orange peels, “we have a tremendous opportunity to reach target audiences and potentially enter channels our competitors cannot, thus expanding the existing CBD market and improving the lives of more people … We’re excited to finally offer 100% certified THC-free and pesticide-free products for those who’ve been reluctant to try CBD in the past.”

According to Peels, the use of CBD in many stressful and physically demanding fields of work — such as professional sports, military and first responders — has previously been prohibited, even if used for medicinal purposes. This is due to unregulated amounts of THC found in many cannabis and hemp-derived products that can be detected by periodic drug testing. With no THC, Peels offers an alternative.

According to Peels, its molecularly identical CBD reportedly acts in the body in the same way and has the same holistic benefits as cannabis- and hemp-derived products, but without the impurities and variability associated with the cannabis and hemp-derived products.

However, Peels will launch as a digitally native brand, focusing on direct-to-consumer and subscription strategy for now, which will enable it to have more control over the entire customer journey, from discovery to loyalty, Hetherington noted.

He added: “We also hope that Peels can help play a role in alleviating the misconceptions around CBD and its negative association with cannabis and THC. There are still consumers who do not know the difference between hemp, cannabis, marijuana, and CBD. Contrary to what people have thought for many years, not all cannabinoid use is about the psychoactive experience. Some cannabinoids like CBD aren’t known to produce that effect at all.”

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Your next CBD products are here, and they’re made from orange peels.

Peels’ goal is to eventually make CBD products more accessible to the public.

Former NFL player Chris Hetherington has officially introduced the first orange-derived CBD oil, Peels, that promises a more consistent, pure, and stable texture, as well as zero trace of THC compared to regular CBD products extracted from hemp plants to the U.S. through its direct-to-consumer website.

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