cbd olie shop

Cbd olie shop

Besides the line of unique CBD Terpene Oils, we also offer the opportunity to purchase separate terpenes and complete terpene profiles from cannabis plants. On top of that you can buy terpene candles with a complete profile of terpenes from specific cannabis plants, including the CBD-rich weed strain ACDC.

Besides hemp plants nature offers us many more useful plants, useful herbs and fruits. Many of these herbs and fruits contain effective ingredients which can offer an additional or supplemental role with the use of CBD Oil. Because of this we offer the possibility of ordering healthy herbs and superfoods in the extra large online herbal shop with which you can compose all kinds of potent herbal preparations, nutritious meals, smoothies or a delicious tea blend for yourself. The dried herbs in powdered form are ultimately suitable to fill empty capsules with.

Besides internal, external and smokeable products, we also have a wide choice of edible CBD products, including chocolate, candy and lollies, all again enhanced with a cannabidiol containing hemp extract. The highest percentage of cannabidiol you will find in the crystals, which are made up of 98% pure CBD no less.

Health herbs and plants for supplementation with CBD products

Besides the fact that hemp can be useful for humans and animals, it is also a great asset for the earth on which we all live. Because the hemp plant is a fast grower, which is not readily susceptible to diseases and plagues, it is the only crop in the Netherlands that is grown without the use of pesticides. Hemp can prevent the felling of trees, needs many times less water than cotton during cultivation and it can be made into insulation material causing a room to be hardly needed to be heated. Hemp is widely applicable, sustainable and very environmentally friendly.

Besides various types of CBD oil products, our store also consists of a hemp, terpene and herbal shop, in which beneficial herbs, superfoods and other natural products are available, that can offer a supplementary or supportive role with these. Furthermore you can purchase various aids with which you can grow for yourself or make all kinds of concentrated cannabis extracts, including weed oil. This is a popular cannabis oil like CBD oil, only with psychoactive properties.

Cibiday CBD oil products are subject to stringent quality requirements

Besides these thinned liquid extracts in dropper bottles ( CBD Oil Drops ), you can also purchase the pure thick extracts. This highly concentrated CBD Pastea is offered in dosing syringes. All these products are available in various strengths, increasing from a low cannabidiol percentage to a very high percentage. We are however not only specialized in CBD products, other components from the hemp plant have an important function as well. This means we also offer a large number of products in which other cannabinoids, as these plant components are called, are present as main constituents.

Some researchers are furthermore of the opinion that terpenes may be able to enter into a smart cooperation with cannabinoids, better knwon as the entourage effect. This complex supposed effect has however not yet been established by clinical research. Perhaps the future might change that.

Cbd olie shop

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Vitea Mea CBD oil always contains a guaranteed amount of CBD. Our CBD oil is made on the basis of a broad spectrum distillate and contains natural terpenes in addition to phytocannabinoids. Vitea Mea uses MCT and Hempseed oil as carriers, MCT oil has a neutral taste and is easy to process by the body and has many more benefits. Hemp seed oil contains many valuable minerals, antioxidants and vitamins (including almost all B vitamins).

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