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The friendly budtenders are deeply knowledgeable at DC’s first dispensary, which opened back in 2013. The flower selection is mind-blowing, plus there are lots and lots of pre-rolls, cartridges, edibles, tinctures, and CBD. If you have a hard time making decisions, p eruse the online catalog before you go in to avoid being overwhelmed by the wealth of options. The accessory choices are equally epic – from bowls and water pipes to doob tubes and rolling papers. Bonus: it’s across the street from Donut Run, whose vegan creations make for immaculate treats if you get a case of the munchies .

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As the only dispensary in the District authorized to cultivate medical marijuana, it has a big selection of f lower, along with numerous cartridges, hash, edibles galore (chocolates, gummies, honey, oat bar, etc), and p lenty of pre-rolls, including indica-dominant mini joints for those looking for a sleep aid.

4. Anacostia Organics

C annabis culture has really taken off in Washington DC in recent years, though, if you’re visiting the region – or heck, even if you live there – it’s always best to double-check the rapidly-evolving laws before you try and buy anything. In essence, medical marijuana is legal, while recreational marijuana has been decriminalized. However, at time of writing, the non-medical sale of cannabis products remains illegal. That sounds bad, but in fact most dispensaries get around it via a loophole in the law that allows them to give you weed as a ‘free gift’ with a purchase of something else. It’s silly, and is due to change soon – possibly within the year – but that’s where things are currently at.

And for every other day of the year, these great dispensaries in DC ensure you’ll have a buzzy visit to the nation’s capital.

6. Rise

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The firs t medical cannabis dispensary east of the Anacostia River is minority and woman-owned. White-walled with products displayed in glass cases, Anacostia Organics has the feel of a chic boutique. The choices here are broad and thoughtfully curated, including vape cartridges, concentrates, salves, suppositories, soaks, and edibles such as honey, lozenges, and chocolates. Browsers will also find a strong selection of local strains from Abatin and District Cannabis .

They are extremely knowledgeable about their product and the industry. I can’t speak more highly of their welcoming nature and encourage all to come and experience this one of a kind shop.

My husband & I stopped in the shop over a year ago out of curiosity. As a family, dog included, we’ve got some ailments that through research and doctor references found that CBD could help. It was through the knowledge of the store owner Malik that we were introduced to a variety of products that have helped us so much. From beverages, oils, edibles & flowers none of the products have disappointed and we’ve seen noticeable benefits from their use. Even during the Covid shutdown, ordering items has been easy and quick.

Wonderful shop with fabulous products, a calm and peaceful vibe, a kind and friendly owner and staff, and great location. A pleasure to visit.