cbd oil vs tea tree oil

Pure tea tree oil production comes from the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant and is generally sold in dark colored bottle with an eye dropper lid. It is offered as 100% pure extract, free from chemicals, as it is meant to be used externally on affected areas such as lesions and sores.

Acne is synonymous with adolescence and can be one of the most embarrassing and demoralizing skin conditions which affects teenagers and adults. The effects of acne are far reaching and can be extremely damaging to the self-esteem and mental health for the patient, especially for those who suffer from acne scars.

Tea tree oil has been proven to be particularly successful for the treatment of acne in recent times. In a 2007 survey, sixty patients suffering from mild to moderate acne were treated with tea tree oil and inert medication (placebo). At the end of the experiment it was found that people treated with 5% TTO responded very well, with visibly reduced number of inflammations.

Complementary and Alternative Medicines

What is Tea Tree Oil?

One of the best ways to exploit the antibacterial properties of TTO is to apply tea tree oil as a face pack. Simply add a couple of drops of tea tree oil in a bowl of yogurt paste and apply the same on the face for fifteen minutes.

Yet another amazing fact about TTO is its ability to fight powerful bacterial strains which are highly resistant to some of the best known antibiotics today. In such a scenario tea tree oil is like a boon in disguise for those suffering from severe acne.

Cbd oil vs tea tree oil

Tea Tree. what can one say? There is a company that was started and today is a major force in the health and wellness market that started solely on the benefits of Melaleuca alternifolia. That is true and amazing.

All of our CBD Essential Oils Blends are 10% Dilutions, (10% Essential Oil and 90% CBD Oil). The CBD Oil for the Tea Tree oil blend is a 33.33mg/1ml Full Spectrum oil. A Full Spectrum CBD oil is one that contains multiple cannabinoids that occurs naturally in cannabis commonly referred to as CBD. As a full spectrum distillate dilution, this oil will also contain a small amount of THC, (below the legal limit of .3%).

The 33.33mg of CBD per 1ml of oil is commonly referred to as a 1000mg/30ml. Thirty milliliters, ml, is also one ounce. The average amount of CBD per dropper and per drop are listed on the bottle.

For your information, other dilutions are:
2000/30ml = 66.67/1ml CBD Oil
750/30ml = 25mg/1ml CBD Oil
500/30ml = 16.67mg/1ml CBD Oil
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All made with 1,000mg CBD Oil:
1000/30ml = 33.33mg/1ml CBD Oil