cbd oil teeth

Cbd oil teeth

Take gummies, for example. CBD gummies, much like any other gummy candy, stick to the teeth and can hold sugars close to the gumline, feeding harmful plaque bacteria. This creates the acid that causes cavities.

Posted by Taylor Girardi on May 31 2020, 07:30 PM

Dr. Abelar recommends if you are going to take a CBD gummy or any other CBD edible, you should brush your teeth thoroughly after consuming.

It seems you can’t go anywhere in the United States without hearing about CBD. What is CBD? It’s short for “cannabidiol,” and it’s a compound located in the cannabis sativa plant that is said to promote feelings of relaxation and calm, without the high of cannabis. Cannabidiol does not contain THC, so it does not give users the “high” feeling of marijuana. Plus, CBD is legal in many states, unlike marijuana, so it is more widely available than marijuana.

But is it good for you? That’s the question many people are asking, especially now that it is so readily available. Bottom line? While cannabidiol appears to be safe to ingest, some of the means by which it is ingested may not be as good for the teeth as others.

CBD oil can be used for healing and dental procedures in the following ways:

CBD, short form for Cannabidiol, is a natural oil extract found in the cannabis family. One of the 104 compounds found in the plant, CBD contains little or no traces of THC – the compound responsible for the “high” in marijuana. This means CBD consumption does not have a psychoactive effect, although it is known to be effective in beating anxiety and depression.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Teeth

CBD is beneficial in many ways to the teeth, as mentioned above, and to the body as well. It is a therapeutic compound that has found itself in products such as toothpaste, thanks to its antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory features. Though it sounds promising, the anti-bacteria property may alter the oral biome in the mouth, which is why it is extremely important to administer the oil in slight amounts first and stop on reaching the ideal dosage that helps deal with the issue you face.

CBD’s advantages have paved the way for CBD oil in medicine, especially with respect to dentistry. Here is what you need to know about CBD in connection with teeth:

Is CBD Safe for Teeth?

While CBD is safe, certain products it comes in, such as gummy candy, cigarettes, or vapes, are harmful to the teeth. So, CBD in itself is safe for the teeth, but certain products it comes in may not. So, be wary of how you decide to use it for your teeth.