cbd oil sleep reddit

Cbd oil sleep reddit

I’ve noticed that when I vape cbd at night, (with no thc) i sleep for so long, like 11-12 hours.

I’ve been experimenting with a number of different methods of taking cbd, and found i much prefer vaping cbd flower and taking tincture in the morning.

Is there much science about with what it does that affects sleep? I know thc decreases REM which isn’t good and you feel more tired, but i seem to have more dreams on cbd, and dont wake up feeling particularly different than when i dont take it, i just sleep way way longer. Is this a bad thing?

Cbd oil sleep reddit

Newcomer here. I have suffered from insomnia pretty much my whole life. It gets very bad at times. Example, the past three nights I've only slept 9 or 10 hours even though I'm in bed for 9 hours a night. It's hard to explain, I don't want to rant. My mind is just constantly wired, constantly thinking about something. I also get bad anxiety if I know I have to wake up at a specific time. Heavy breathing, skin gets hot, cold sweats, racing heart, etc. Imagine running a few miles and then immediately jumping into bed, that's me

We started using Nuleaf and the quality is definitely there but, it was a little expensive. We switched to Sunsoil and found it to be effective as well!

Have you tried doing that?