cbd oil mlm business

Cbd oil mlm business

CBD MLM companies and products have become ubiquitous, particularly in the past two years this segment of the network marketing pyramid scheme world, CBD seems to be everywhere. Five years ago, it was essential oils and leggings that ruled the MLM world–today every essential oil or health supplement MLM has added CBD oil or other CBD products to their product line up. As if we don’t have enough misuse of essential oils and credulous curing claims–CBD now takes centerstage in MLM world. May the Lord have mercy. It’s bad out there and it’s only going to get worse.

My issues with CBD MLM, apart from the disease curing claims made by the customer sales force, also have to do with the insane pricing of these products as well as the claim that their CBD isolate is the “best” or “purest.” I purchase clean, lovely CBD-rich cannabis flowers from a legal dispensary for $1.80 a gram or I grow my own. There isn’t an MLM on earth that can beat the quality or pricing of whole real plants.

When I received the news this weekend, as Young Living Essential Oils MLM concluded their convention in Utah, that Young Living would now be selling CBD oil products, I felt the most intense tension headache I’ve ever had emerge from my temples.

MLM companies offering the CBD isolate product are purchasing their CBD isolate from the same wholesalers as everyone else–and jacking up the price far more than it is actually worth. And CBD isolate isn’t worth much when you consider that cannabinoids like CBD operate on the principle of the entourage effect–which is what makes them so desirable. There is no entourage effect in CBD isolate, only whole plant cannabis or hemp has the entourage. Any entourage, such as terpenes, have to be added in, typically in the form of essential oils. And from what I can tell, MLM companies do a pretty poor job of formulating (eh…they don’t even really try!) to mimic entourage. Just because a MLM company specializes in essential oils doesn’t mean that their CBD isolate product is going to have anything going on in terms of entourage.

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Cbd oil mlm business

Flavored hemp CBD tinctures

The Revive products contain the scientifically proven herbal formula with Bi-Bong which is infused with Kannaway’s proprietary hemp oil which guarantees health, beauty and longevity.
● Revive AM: The herbal blend guarantees to stimulate and invigorate your entire body and give you increased energy, focus and clarity to get through the entire day.
● Revive PM: The herbal formula offers your body a great way to restore and recharge itself by letting it rest peacefully so that you feel stronger and more refreshed the next day.
● Revive Pro: This is the extra strength version of Revive AM. Each bottle of Revive Pro contains CBD supplements for 30 days with 1000 mg of CBD in each bottle.

Dose of Nature is an Orem-based company which was started in Utah. Dose of Nature purifies and refines hemp paste that is available from marijuana plants which are grown outside the US into concentrated oil which is extremely potent and has medicinal uses. Dose of Nature’s CBD products offer innovative ways to combat several life-threatening and chronic health problems.

This helps to catch all the toxins in your GI tract and helps to soothe the gastric mucosa and also reduce constipation.

Bradley’s Tasty Tinctures

These are liquid concentrate products that are manufactured via the process of cold ethanol extraction, mechanical separation and short path distillation. The liquid concentrate products are consumed either via vaporizing or dabbing and are available in the form of gelatin capsules, vape pen cartridges and shatter. These are mainly sold to retail dispensaries in Colorado.

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This is a dietary supplement which contains hemp oil from the mature stems and stalks of the hemp plant and offers several health benefits.

Started in Dallas, Texas, Prime My Body is a global company into health and wellness, which was started in the year 2013. The company manufactures innovative products and encourages living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Prime My Body makes use of nano-emulsified hemp oil in all its products, which ensures that the hemp oil gets into your system very quickly. The products of the company are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and cGMP.

Cannabis Beauty Defined

This is a proprietary blend of botanicals that is a toxin pusher and helps to detoxify your body, stimulates digestion, helps to boost the function of the kidney, liver and gallbladder, balances the microbes and promotes the healthy flow of the bile.

Isodiol’s customers are essentially cannabis dispensaries, specialty markets, health food stores, spas and consumers. The CBD obtained by Isodiol are from hemp farms, where the hemp is grown organically and is also free from GMO, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.