cbd oil in tablet form

Cbd oil in tablet form

Much like CBD oils, gummies, and vapes, users take CBD capsules for a whole host of reasons. One of them is pain relief. A 2018 study done on lab mice proved that CBD has the power to interact with the endocannabinoid system to help manage pain. The cannabinoids blocked neurons from firing pain signals to the brain. It also had some pretty impressive anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, according to The Observer, those suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or arthritis often take CBD to manage their symptoms.

For users who want a good night’s sleep, CBDfx’s capsules are godsent. The company sources only the highest quality organic hemp from certified Kentucky farms to use in their CBD products. Their hemp strain is unique because it pulls the maximum amount of nutrients from the fertile Kentucky soil. Therefore, the full-spectrum extract they manufacture is loaded with high amounts of different cannabinoids and terpenes.

The resulting combination of ingredients instantly boosts mood, focus, and increases energy. These effects go a long way in improving productivity, and increasing performance for gym-goers. What’s more, since the capsules also have trace amounts of caffeine, they’re the best way to wake up early in the morning.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid getting scammed — and the first step is to get smart. To help customers familiarize themselves with the market, we’ve done a deep dive on what to look for when buying CBD capsules. We’ve also taken a look at some of the most reputable CBD brands, their sources, prices, and potency. All of this research will help users get started on their journey to find the best CBD capsules for them.

What are CBD Capsules Good For?

The company then infuses the extract with a vegan, gluten-free capsule shell to create one of the most potent CBD capsules on the market. They also add MCT to the formula to bulk up the softgel and increase absorption. Since the original extract contains high amounts of CBN, a terpene with sleep-promoting capabilities, the capsules are excellent for insomniacs.

Choosing CBD capsules may seem like a daunting task, even for experienced CBD users. The good news is that the same principles for buying CBD oil apply to capsules as well. First and foremost, it’s important to choose a well-known and reputable brand, to avoid getting scammed. Secondly, hemp sources, adjunctive ingredients, extraction method, and CBD potency will determine the capsules’ quality. And last, but certainly not least is to select reasonably priced capsules.

Lastly, CBD is an excellent sleep aid. Since it helps muscles relax, as well as reduce anxiety, users report that it helped improve their sleep quality as well. Moreover, the best CBD capsules for sleep often contain compounds like melatonin and natural extracts such as chamomile and Rhodiola Rosea. All these additives have sleep-promoting benefits and work synergistically with CBD to increase its anti-stress properties.

7. Bluebird Botanicals

Now that we’ve listed the best CBD capsules, it’s time for a quick lesson on what they are. As the name suggests, CBD capsules are supplements infused with CBD extracts. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound found in the hemp plant. It’s the most prominent compound in non-psychoactive cannabis strains, and it comes in a few varieties. Some of the most common CBD products include oils, vapes, and delicious CBD gummies.

Both options come in two different potencies — 25 mg and a higher 30 mg dose. The capsules are softgel, so they’re much easier to swallow and absorb. Moreover, CBDistillery rigorously tests them for quality, potency, and contaminants in third-party labs. Therefore, users can rest assured that the capsules are safe for consumption.

Cbd oil in tablet form

CBD's exact mechanism of action is unclear.


CBD oil may also increase liver enzymes (a marker of liver inflammation). People with liver disease should consult their healthcare provider before taking CBD oil and use it with caution. Regular blood liver enzyme level checks are recommended.


Some experts suggest CBD may help treat cannabis and nicotine dependence, but more research is needed.