cbd oil germany

Cbd oil germany

Although the sale and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes has long been tolerated in the Netherlands under controlled conditions, other European countries have been slow to follow suit.

Representatives from the parties told the Essen-based Funke media group on Thursday that they were working on suggestions for “introducing the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes in licensed shops.”

Party officials have stressed, however, that tight regulation and protecting children was paramount moving forward.

Not to forget the perils of the black market and the uncontrolled products that are sold there.

Is Canada a model for German cannabis legalization?

Germany’s future coalition of the Social Democrats (SPD), Green party, and Free Democrats (FDP), have signalled that they are seriously considering legalizing the possession of cannabis.

Last month, Luxembourg became only the second EU country to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. It also became the first to legalize growing the plant for non-medical purposes, which remains illegal in the Netherlands.

The country’s next coalition government plans to keep cannabis tightly regulated, party representatives said. Recreational use of cannabis is only legal in two other EU countries.

Which other EU countries have legalized cannabis for recreational use?

The Green party and business-focused FDP have called for controlled legalization of cannabis for years, as police and the criminal justice services find themselves buried beneath an avalanche of ultimately petty cases.

According to their report on the subject, the new law would call for a major evaluation four years on to assess its implementation and effects.

Cbd oil germany

As outlined under 1.1 Source of Regulations, patients with a serious illness can, under certain circumstances, get reimbursed by their public health insurer. However, when medicinal cannabis is prescribed for the first time, the patient has to ask for the health public health insurer’s approval. Although this approval can only be refused in justified exceptional cases, it is still a bureaucratic burden that often leads to a delay for patients.

Medicinal Cannabis

The Federal Opium Agency (Bundesopiumstelle)was established in 1952 as a result of the International Opium Convention of 1912. It is responsible for the issuing of licences in the traffic of narcotics and/or precursors.

2.1 Cross-Jurisdictional Standards

Lifestyle Products

The competent local authorities verify whether cannabis products are in compliance with regulatory legal requirements. If not, the authorities can order a sales stop. They can also order administrative penalties in many cases.

1.2 Regulatory Authorities

CBD in animal feed and pet products

The only cannabinoid included separately in the BtMG is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is listed several times in Annex I and once in Annex II, depending on its exact composition. On the other hand, pure cannabidiol (CBD) is currently not included in the BtMG.