cbd oil for dogs with grooming anxiety

So, if your dog is suffering from anxiety, CBD from hemp oil would be a great way to keep him relaxed when he’s uncomfortable.

First things first- CBD oil will not get your pet high! While we can’t make promises for all pet cbd oils, we have had ours third-party tested for potency and certified- THC free. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many active compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant.

Reduce anxiety in both healthy people and people with anxiety disorders

Cancer Fighting: Research shows that CBD oil can reduce the size of tumors and inhibits cancerous growths. It Helps the immune system’s killer cells to cause cancer cell death. Kills cancer cells by blocking their ability to produce energy. Has anti-tumor properties that slow and inhibit glioma cell growth. Can help increase the efficacy of conventional cancer treatment

Now that we’ve set your mind at ease, here’s are some reasons to check out CBD Oil for Pets

The cannabinoids in CBD have also been shown to work well for pain. So well, in fact, that scientists are considering it as a new class of drug for the treatment of chronic pain. Studies show CBD to be very effective for reducing:

Pain (including neuropathy and nerve-related pain)

Anti-Inflammatory. Traditional dog anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) can cause kidney and gastrointestinal damage and have long term negative effects on your dog’s health. In a 10 week study on CBD oil in dogs at Cornell University – studies showed that “CBD oil increases comfort and activity in the home environment for dogs with OsteoArthritis . Additionally, veterinary assessments of pain were also favorable. “

Reduce anxiety caused by public speaking

The impact of inflammation on oxidative stress (which causes degeneration and premature aging)

Cbd oil for dogs with grooming anxiety

In 2016, I opened a grooming and boarding business. Two of my first clients were brothers, Chewie and Rico. Rico, a fairly calm poodle, was a groomer’s dream. Chewie on the other hand, disliked being groomed, hated boarding, and was visibly stressed and anxious when he would enter our doors. My groomers were wary of Chewie, but they did everything they were trained to do to keep him calm.

What is CBD?

CBD can be a great add-on to grooming services. For example, the grooming and boarding shop that I own, Beautify the Beast, keeps house bottles of CBD oils and salves and offers it to customers as an add-on for $5. Once the pet parents come back and see how calm and happy their pets are, they almost always want to learn more, which is when groomers can educate them about the positive benefits of CBD.

What does CBD treat?

CBD products range in the total number of milligrams of CBD per ounce, and they range in the spectrum of cannabinoids. Full-spectrum means that as many natural cannabinoids are present as possible and none were removed or isolated during extraction. Broad spectrum means that some cannabinoids may have been taken out or enhanced. Whenever possible, full spectrum is best for pets.