cbd oil for dogs singapore

Before leaping in to the technology, the simple reply to this really is: no… it is not similar. In fact, CBD cannot get the dog high.

So how exactly does cbd Benefit dogs: The Endocannabinoid System

As with every decision that is medical substantial research as a dog owner is critically essential when choosing a supplier!

Topical Lotions and Ointments

Ironically, or simply not very ironically, all of the advantages CBD offers up pets mirror those it offers for humans.

6. Medipets (oils, sprays, treats)

2.King Kanine (oils, balms)

MediPets CBD products are free of THC, easy to use and 100% natural. All MediPets products are pharmacist-formulated, third-party lab tested and made in the USA from industrial hemp oil extracted from organically-grown hemp. After the essential oils are extracted from hemp, the raw extract goes through a filtration, distillation, and refinement process to produce 99 percent pure CBD. Medipets sells CBD beef or bacon and cheese treats and CBD Pet Spray that can be sprayed directly into a pet’s mouth for a quick and easy application.

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According to the latest report commissioned by the veterinary charity PDSA, 26% of UK adults own a dog and one quarter of those owners take their dogs on holiday with them. Another UK survey showed that 56% of dog owners said that they choose to travel with their dog as they enjoy their holiday more. In the United States, the latest surveys of pet owners, by the American Pet Products Association, revealed that over 63 million households own a dog, with nearly 50% taking their dogs on vacation by car, plane or train.

5. Innovet (oil, capsules, chews)

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Canna-Pets offer CBD capsules and oil but their organic biscuits are a unique product in this crowded market. The crunchy biscuits, with cannabinoids derived from enriched oil extracts of organic hemp, are available in tasty flavors including turkey, maple bacon or peanut, banana and apple (vegan). Each 227g bag is $16.99 and contains 37-40 biscuits.

7.Just CBD (oils, treats)