cbd oil for degenerative disc disease

Cbd oil for degenerative disc disease

A 2018 study found that CBD reduced nerve-related and inflammatory pain in animals, supporting a promising future for CBD as a mainstream pain relief option. Evidence has also found that CBD is a safe effective addiction therapy, leading CBD to rise in popularity for it’s potential to treat opioid abuse and prevent it as a viable chronic pain-relieving alternative. 1

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What does the evidence say about cannabis’ effect on spinal pain?

Although cannabis has recently exploded onto the mainstream medicine scene, evidence suggests that people have used cannabis for medical purposes for more than 5,000 years. 3 Common uses for medical marijuana include treatment of epilepsy, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, and pain (including back, neck, and chronic pain). More recently, people have sought out cannabis and CBD products as alternatives to opioids, which have been linked to addiction and death.

Should you talk to your doctor if you use cannabis or cannabinoids?

Overall, more high-quality, human studies are needed to confirm whether cannabis, CBD, and hemp are safe and effective therapeutic options for chronic back and neck pain. However, evidence is mounting that shows CBD and hemp may play a greater role in managing chronic spine pain and curbing opioid-related risks.

Cbd oil for degenerative disc disease

You’ve probably heard of cannabidiol (CBD) oil — the wellness product that’s exploded in popularity over the past few years. CBD has shown promise in providing both anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving [1] properties.

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