cbd oil ellwood thompson

Cbd oil ellwood thompson

island dyes on broad!

Boketto Wellness on Vine St in The Fan

the oil at ellwood's is amazing.

Kulture has their full selection on their website. I went to the one by VCU on Cary and the person working was knowledgeable.

r/CBD has a list of trusted and verified vendors for mail order.

DC might be your best bet.

Preferably a place where someone will know about the product.

Cbd oil ellwood thompson

CBD Oil is legal in Virginia and is rapidly gaining popularity. To help us navigate this complex issue, moderator Kirk Schroder, Food Advocate for Ellwood Thompson’s has curated an expert panel of Virginia legislators who are taking important roles in shaping the future of CBD and hemp products and their potential uses in Virginia:

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound found in cannabis, which includes both hemp and marijuana. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from these plants, then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. CBD can be effective therapeutically when ingested internally or applied topically. It has a wide spectrum of uses in the medical field for relieving anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, joint pain, and a variety of inflammatory issues.

Purchase your ticket HERE to join us for a dynamic conversation and the opportunity to speak directly to the experts, legislators, and policy makers themselves. Leave with a greater understanding for the potential of CBD and expanded hemp use in Virginia!

Cbd oil ellwood thompson

Produced entirely in the Richmond area, our CBD is both all natural, chemical free, and local!

Three Chopt Hemp feeds their worms organic matter as a way to keep the soil healthy and full of beneficial microbes. They believe that whatever is in the soil will transfer into the plants, making it crucial that no chemicals or fertalizers are used throughout the entire process. As a way to create a balance throughout the farm, they keep chickens, ducks and geese to further help fertilize and ‘till’ the soil, and surround the hemp with beneficial plants that suppress weeds and mine the soil for nutrients whilst protecting against pests and attracting beneficial insects for predation and pollination.

About Three Chopt Hemp, LLC

In order to create a clean product, Three Chopt Hemp uses CO2 extraction methods for our CBD Oil. One of the primary benefits of making CBD using CO2 extraction is its status as a ‘green solvent.’ For CBD products, the use of carbon dioxide provides a cleaner, healthier product. Unlike solvents such as butane and hexane, CO2 extraction contains no solvents or chemical residues. It is also recyclable and better in the long run for the planet.

Three Chompt Hemp is a local hemp grower and CBD producer in the Richmond area. Their farm is located in Goochland County, meaing everything from growing to processing and bottling happens within a forty mile radius of Ellwood Thompson’s.

Interested in CBD and don't know where to start?

Not only is Three Chopt Hemp a local company, their practices and evironmental stewardship aligns perfectly with our values. Permaculture is at the core of their philosophy, believing good plants start from the ground up, and are influenced by everything around them. They practice regernative and sustainable farming, starting with the soil.